Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winners of Master FarmVille Birthday Giveaway

Thanks a lot for participating in Master FarmVille Birthday Giveaway with such an intensity.
Here are the results for the Giveaway:-
  • 1st Prize : 5 x $10 Game Cards : KAREN JAMES (Entry - July 6' 2010)
  • 2nd Prize - 3 x $10 Game Cards : MADDUMATI (Entry - July 9' 2010)
  • 3rd Prize - FV Mystery Box : ALICE LOOS (Entry - June 23' 2010)

Congrats to all the winners with a special thanks to Alice Loos for being the top poster. Please leave a message at or start a new discussion at Facebook group "Master FarmVille teaches FarmVille"  with your address.

You can see the original FarmVille Giveaway post here: FarmVille Birthday Giveaway


Master said...

Hi Pals!
All winners have been contacted via private email. Please confirm when you finally get the prize.
Happy Farming!

Karen James said...

Thanks Cheema,
I've got the Game card numbers via email. They worked fine. I used 2 cards on my farm and gifted one each to my 3 friends. They are more than obliged.
I love Master Farmville Blog.
U r the best!

Maddumati said...

Hi Master!
I got late in posting message of receipt of FV Game Cards.
I love my new FV items. I love farmville, game and new stuff.
I even played a mystery game in farmville.
When will be your next farmville contest?

Anonymous said...

If you are missing this chance here you can still try at

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