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FarmVille Green House Official Guide

Greenhouses are slowly rolling out so please be patient, you'll have it soon!

Welcome to green world of crop experimentation and seeding! The Greenhouse is a multi-level constructible building that you can experiment to create up to ten new Masterable crop breeds.

The bigger the Greenhouse, the higher the amount of seeds you can start to produce. And you can get your friends to help speed up the experimentation process!

Building Your Greenhouse

First off, let’s not confuse the new Greenhouse with the old one that was available in the Market; the old Greenhouse has been renamed Glasshouse and had no actual functionality (other than looking nice). Similarly the Cube Greenhouse, available exclusively through FarmVille Mobile, is merely a decoration.

Everyone will get the new Greenhouse for free the first time the play after FarmVille updates, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Greenhouse frame on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later (by switching to the Multi-Tool for instance).

The new Greenhouse is a multi-level constructible building where each level requires a certain amount of building parts to complete, and each level allows the use of more seeding trays (see below):
  • Level 1 – 12 parts total: 4 Wooden Boards, 4 Nails and 4 Bricks. Includes 1 seed tray.
  • Level 2 – 45 parts total: 15 Wooden Boards, 15 Nails and 15 Bricks. Includes 4 seed trays.
  • Level 3 – 60 parts total; 20 Wooden Boards, 20 Nails and 20 Bricks. Includes 8 seed trays.
Like many constructible building parts, you can acquire these items by:
  • Asking your neighbors for these parts by posting a help request to your feed (click on the “Ask For More” button for each type of part).
  • Give parts to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page or the “Send Gifts” button.
  • Acquire individual parts by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Buy” button for that particular part). Each part is one (1) Farm Cash.
  • Acquire all needed parts for the building by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Complete Now” button to purchase parts for the rest of the building). The Cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the amount of parts left needed to finish the building.
  • Potentially through the use of Special Delivery Boxes.
  • Using individual parts already available in your Gift Box.

As you complete each level of Greenhouse, it becomes bigger and grander visually:

If you do not get the Greenhouse initially or wind up deleting (or otherwise losing) it, you can purchase it in the Market (under Buildings). You’ll need to be Level 5 to use it.

Discovering New Seeds

To see what the Greenhouse can offer (and it’s at least Level 1) just click on it on your farm and choose “Look Inside” from the menu options. The initial Greenhouse display looks like this:

Right now you’re looking at the Nursery display. Here you can find and use the right seed combinations to produce one of the new crops. Just click on the “Place a Seed” display and you’ll see a mini-Market display showing twenty familiar crops (like Strawberries, Lilacs, Wheat, etc.). Once you enter in the right two-crop combination, you’ll be told what the new crop will be and that the experimentation process has started and you’ll be deducted the cost (in coins, listed under each crop). If you enter in the wrong combination you’ll get an error message.

The Nursery display will then look like this when you start a proper two-crop combination:


In this example you can see I’m experimenting with using Raspberries and Strawberries to make a new crop. Generally this process will take three (3) days. However, if I click on “Ask Friends For Help” I can speed up this process. Each Friend I get to help me out will reduce the experimentation time by a day, so if three friends help me out, I can finish the experimenting instantly. You can also speed up the process by clicking on “Complete Now” and spending Farm Cash (the cost is two (2) Farm Cash for each friend that hasn’t helped you so far, so if no friends have helped you then the cost is six (6) Farm Cash).

Once the experimentation process is over the clock will be replaced with an image of a new seed packet. Click on “Harvest” and you’ll be rewarded with a new super-enhanced crop (in the case of mixing the Strawberries and Raspberries you get the Straspberry).

Each time you finish experimentation you’ll get fifty (50) seeds of this new crop, which is placed in your Market and can be seeded (similar to giftable Limited Edition crops). You’ll also be able to share this new crop with your friends.

If you look at the Nursery bar you can see that you only have one seed tray to work with. As you expand the Greenhouse (click on the “Expand Greenhouse” button to see what you need), you’ll get access to many more seed trays so you can experiment with a lot more special crops at the same time. For instance, a Level 2 Greenhouse will get you four (4) seed trays and the Nursery will look like this:

Just click on a tray button to move between the trays. You can experiment with any combination of special crops, there’s no restriction as to which you can try out. There will be a green “Ready” label over the ones that are ready to be harvested.

Clicking on the “Seed Genealogy” button will bring you to the genealogy display, where you can see all of the special crops available for experimenting:

You can learn more about these special crops as well as how far along your Mastery of these crops are (yes they can be Mastered!) by moving your mouse over the crop image.

Happy farming!

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