Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winners of Halloween Farm Decorating Contest

Here are 5 out of 10 winners of the Farmville Halloween Farm Decorating Contest. You can also see them as they have been added to the Welcome Screen of the game and every time you load the game, you get to see a different farm out of the Top 10 Farms of the contest. By the way, all the winners have qualified to receive $500 FV Cash and 5,00,000 Coins each.
All 10 are the winners and there is no particular order of them from 1-10.
So here they are: Fancy them and learn from them: Improve your farms - Wake Up.

Absolutely Magnificent!!! Aren't they???
The remaining 5 magnificent farms can be seen by clicking on the below link:
Remaining 5 Winners of Farmville Halloween Farm Decorating Contest

How to Get Free Cows on Farmville?

Of late I came to know of a little cheat/glitch in Farmville Dairy Farms. By using this little fun thing, you can get more and more free cows of different colors inside your dairy farm. 

Requirements to perform this Glitch:

  • 10,000 coins to purchase a Dairy Farm (No need of this if you already have a Dairy Farm)
  • At least one cow of any color in your gift box
How to get more Cows than you have?
  • Go to the Farmville Market and buy a Dairy Farm (Not needed if you already have an empty Dairy Farm)
  • Open your Gift Box and instead of placing your cow anywhere on the farm, put it directly inside the Dairy Farm.
  • Now that your cow is placed inside the Dairy Farm, if you open your gift box again, you will find the same cow still residing there.
  • So repeat Step-2 again and on returning to the Gift Box, your cow is still supposed to be waiting for you there.
  • Keep repeating and getting new Free Cows of the same color as inside the Gift Box until you desire or have space for them.
Some friends have even claimed that they have managed to put more than 20 cows inside the same Dairy Farm but it is not confirmed. This glitch is working till this time (October 31' 2009) but I can not promise that it will continue to work.
Happy Farming

Harry Potter's "Hedwig" vs Farmville White Owl

After the latest update on Farmville's New Addition Owls: Check this cool comparison between the World's most famous snowy white Owl "Hedwig" which was a pet owl of the World renowned child wizard Harry Potter and the Farmville's newest addition - White Owls.
I hope that I don't need to tell you who Harry Potter was???

  • Both of them can fly.
  • Hedwig delivers posts while Farmville White Owl is a mere decoration.
  • Hedwig's harvests were his posts or the daily newspapers but White Owl can not be harvested at all.
  • Hedwig was one of the kind but Farmville White Owl can be bought for 15FVs every time you pay .... hehehe
Who do you think is a better owl???

Farmville's White Kitten???

After just posting an update on Farmville Black Kitten, I saw a cute Avatar on my neighbor's profile and thought it appropriate to share it with you. This White Kitten is shoooooooo Cuteee!!!

I wish that whenever Farmville decides to add a White Kitten, they take this nice soul into consideration and does not make a kitten which looks more like a lynx.

Have you seen "A Large Black Kitten" Roaming around in Farmville

After you found a Green Turtle and some Owls; have you also seen a huge Black Kitten roaming around your farm???
If not, then be on the watch as their are some monstrous black kittens are wandering around, looking for some milk to drink perhaps. She might be interested in hiding somewhere near your dairy farms to get some spilled milk. ;)

Where can I get a Black Kitten?
Farmville black kitten can be found once your friends find them roaming around. By the way, the kitten was lost while searching for her friend who wants to hide inside the Jack-O-Lanterns (As per Farmville statement). So if you have a Jack-o-Lantern, may be she will visit you more frequently. Just May Be!!!

When your friend gets her and decides to help her, then you can adopt her and keep it at your farm.

The Kitten harvests in 3 days and can be resold for 86 coins. What it gives remains a question??? What do you think???

Harry Potter's "Hedwig" has reached Farmville

Philosopher Birds are another great addition in Farmville Birds as well as Farmville Decorations. Here we have two beautiful owls to add spice to your farms. Yes! Farmville Halloween has brought Brown and White Owls to your farms. The White Owl is exactly the same owl named :Hedwig" which Harry Potter has kept as a pet for sending and receiving posts. 

You can buy both these Owls from the Decorations section of your Farmville Market. The only problem remains that you can buy these owls for FV Cash only. 15 FVs for the simple brown owl while double the cash to 30 FVs for the white owl - which seems a twin of Harry Potter's "Hedwig".

Farmville Owl Tips: Where all the other animals have an option of "PET" when you right click them, these owls have an option of "Fly" when you right click them. So they are not just sitting decorations but they can fly around as well.

Farmville Official Page says: "Guess WHO has made their way to FarmVille? Owls! Two new Limited Edition Owls can now be purchased from the Market! These scholarly fowl can be yours for just a few Farm Cash."

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sweet Seeds of Haiti have gathered Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Sweet Seeds of Haiti have helped Zynga in gathering close to US$575,000 for the people of Haiti. It definitely is an awesome sum of money for the poor people of Haiti. At it all has become possible by the help of dedicated and devoted farmers - Yes - Its all because of you.
You can definitely make the difference.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wake up Farmville: Fertilizing Alert after so many days

Finally Farmville has officially informed me that I can fertilize my neighbor's crops now; where as I am already doing it for days :) Lolzzzz
Today when I logged in to Farmville, I received the following message:-

Is Farmville staff too busy to keep pace with their changes???

A Quick Farmville Halloween Decorations Reminder

Here is just a reminder for you that Farmville Halloween Decorations are available for very less time now. These include the Limited Edition Halloween items from the Farmville Market. So hurry up and get your favorite Halloween Decoration items now lest you regret afterwards. :)

Farmville Weekly Podcasts

Farmville has announced that they will be offering weekly podcasts from now on. These weekly podcasts will offer new features, additions and even the future features of Farmville will be discussed in them.

Official Farmville Page on Facebook says:-
"Hey there Folks! FarmVille is happy to announce that we are now releasing weekly Podcasts. Make sure to check these out to get information on our new features, as well as a SNEAK PEEK of things coming your way in the future! Happy Farming everyone!"

New Colorful Giftable Fences at Farmville

Hello Pals!
Farmville wants you to add more and more color to your friends' farms. After the beautiful and colorful hay bales, now Farmville has offered colorful fences to you as a latest addition in the giftable items. The latest additions are the Violet and Orange giftable fences. So start gifting and filling colors in your friend's farms.

Farmville Official Page on Facebook Says:-
"They say good fences make good neighbors, but did you know they also make GREAT Farms? With the new, giftable Violet and Orange fences you can give your farms that unique touch you’ve been looking for".

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Farmville Postage Stamps are Here!!! :-)

Here are some beautiful Farmville Postage Stamps. These are the first ones of their kind and it is the first time that I have seen any Farmville Postage Stamps, because I have made them myself. I wish I could have some of these issued by any postal authority of the World.

If you like them please leave your comments. Any suggestions for more variety are also welcome. Do you want a postage stamp on a particular decoration, animal, tree or any other Farmville item??? Ask me Now!!!
Happy Farming & Happy Collecting

Monday, October 26, 2009

Farmville Turtle Warning: Do Not Move Your Turtles

Dear Farmers!
Beware: Your Turtles DO NOT like to be moved quickly from one place to another.
After all he did not get lost during the race for nothing. He is too lazy, lethargic and sluggish and does not like movement a lot.

It is a glitch in the system and the turtle disappears sometimes when you move it from one place to another. Farmville staff is working to get the problem eradicated.

Tip: For now all you can do is to select a nice place for your turtle while placing him on the farm and then leave him there. Dare not move the Turtle!!!

By the way, Turtle harvests after every 3 days to lay Turtle Eggs and gives 86 Coins.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmville Flying Potato or Gold Coin: Have you ever observed?

Farmville farmers are sowing seeds below the ground but they are also seeing Potatoes flying around. When you plow, plant or harvest, sometimes you see a flying potato which jumps out of the ground and then gets absorbed by it. I know that you have tried a number of times to catch it or click on it because I have myself done it ..... Lolz.
So here is the little Farmville Secret:
  • It is a flying/ flipping Gold Coin and not a POTATO :-p
  • It is totally random and can show its face anytime while you plow, plant or harvest.
  • Each time the gold coin jumps in the air , it gives you 100 coins in your vault.
  • It can flip with any kind of crop.
  • There is absolutely no need to run after the coin, try to catch it or stand under the coin to be blessed. Just relax and you will get what will be in your destiny ;)

Now you can gift Farmville Gravestone

Visit the gift section of your Farmville Farm and you can gift Farmville Gravestones to your friends. It is another item in the Farmville Decorations.
TIP: The best thing about the Farmville Gravestones is that if your friend does not have a lot of space on his/her farm for more gifts then he/she can sell the gravestone for 200 Coins - A handsome amount for virtually no expenditure. So Gravestones are rejuvenating your friendship at least.

Farmville New Additions: Spooky Bats and Scaredycrow

Farmville has lately added two more Halloween Decoration items in the Farmville Market. These are Farmville Spooky Bats and Farmville Scaredycrow. Both of these items can be purchased from the Market at the cost as mentioned on the below pictures, but remember that they are available for only 10 days.

Farmville Much-Awaited Dairy Farms have been Launched

Much-Awaited Farmville Dairy Farms have been launched and now we have a building on our farm which has some purpose.
What is a Dairy Farm?
You can put 20 space-covering cows inside the Dairy Farm and enjoy various benefits. Cows of any color, caste or family background can be placed inside it.
How to get a Dairy Farm?
There are two ways to get a Dairy Farm for your place, which are:-
  • Buying for Coins. You can buy a Farmville Dairy Farm from the Buildings Section of the Market for 10,000 coins. There is one limitation for this though that you must have at least 8 neighbors to perform this action.
  • Buying for FV Cash.  You can also buy it for 20 FV Cash from the Market. Anyone with sufficient cash can do this. :)

Dairy Farm gives 100 XPs and if sold it can give 500 coins.

Benefits of farmville Dairy Farms
You can enjoy following benefits from a Farmville Dairy Farm:-
  • You can save space by putting 20 cows inside one building which covers the space of 8 cows only.
  • The biggest benefit is that you can milk 20 cows with a single click when Dairy Farm is ready for harvesting.
  • It counts towards the Farmville Architect Ribbon.
  • It is one of the most beautiful buildings on the farm
  • It adds beauty to the farm and makes it tidy.
  • It is not very costly. 10,000 Coins is hardly any money at Farmville

How to use the Dairy Farm?
  • First you need to put the cows inside the dairy farm. To do this click on the cow and select "MOVE" from the drop down menu.
  • Move your cow to the Dairy Farm, it will light up - Just click on the Dairy Farm Building to house the cow inside.
  • If there are 20 cows in the building then on harvesting it will give you the sum of all the cows, (that is, 20 cows x 6 coins for milking = 120 Coins).
  • To remove a cow from the building, you can click on the farm building and select "Remove Cows".
  • You can only have 5 Dairy Farms at one time on your farm.
Top Tip/Trick for Dairy Farm:
The tip of the day for the Dairy Farm is that the first cow which you place in the Dairy Farm Building determines the level of current harvesting of the dairy farm which means that if the first cow you place is 90% ready for milking then your Dairy Farm will be 90% ready, even if the remaining cows are 10% or 20% ready. So the first cow which you should put inside the Dairy Farm should be the one which is about to be 100% ready.
Its fun to be a FARMER at Farmville.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmville Improved Bookmark Bar

Farmville has a new and updated Bookmark Bar feature. Now you can bookmark Farmville easily and conveniently. You will see the bookmark bar at the start of the game while your farm screen is being uploaded.

Happy Farming Dudes!

Farmville Ghost Chili added for Harvesting

Has Farmville Ghost Chilli something to do with Halloween???
A new crop has been added after Sunflowers in Farmville and it is named "Ghost Chilli" - A strange name for a Chilli crop perhaps. It will be planted for 80 coins and will give 136 coins after just 6 hours. Ghost Chili will give 1 XP per field for plowing.
Happy Farming!!!

Farmville Green Turtle - Another Update


Here is a little update on the cute little Green Farmville Turtle. It will take 3 days to harvest and every one is still wondering what we will be getting out of this little fellow who has not been able to complete the race himself. hehehe
If it takes too much place on your farm and is of NO USE like the Farmville Mystery Boxes, then you can sell it for 86 coins.
If you have not read the details about this little fellow then you can read more here:

Super Grow Fertilizer is out: Join the fun NOW


Howdy Farmers! I hope that you are getting more and more bags of Super Grow Crop Fertilizer. After all Farmville team has enhanced the feature after testing it in the last few days. I also got some Super Grow Fertilizer today and helped my neighbors sparkle their crops.

So, visit your neighbors' farms now and get more and more bags of the super fertilizer.

Farmville Official Blog says:
"Hello Farmers! We previewed the Fertilizer feature to a few of our users last week and now it's time for everyone to join the fun! You can earn additional Coins and Experience for lending your neighbors a helping hand. Go ahead! Give Fertilizer ...a try and surprise your neighbors with some jumbo crops!"

Farmville Green Turtle is the newest Lost Animal

For those of you who were wondering what Elephants had to do on a farm, Farmville has another wonderful surprise - Yes! And this time its a cute, little Green Turtle. I wonder if he also has brought Circus Peanuts with him.

Its definitely CUTE & ADORABLE and it is definitely another LOST ANIMAL. He is so cute that everyone will like to adopt it, however, its use is still a question. You can not buy it from the market but you have to wait till a friend of yours find a lost green turtle roaming around on his/her farm. Then you can ADOPT THE TURTLE. By the way, this cute baby was running a race when he lost his way and wandered to your friend's farm. He is unable to find any of his friends. He is very sad and needs a new home. Will you give him some place at your fully loaded farm??? 
Here is a little Farmville Trick to adopt more Green Turtles and other Lost Animals. Click at: Adopt More Lost Green Turtles and Other Lost Animals

What will be collected from the turtle is another Farmville Mystery?
Milk - No way :-p
Eggs - May be :-s
Feathers - Impossible
Turtle Shell - What will the turtle do then?
Circus Peanuts - May be elephants have liked their brief stay at the farm and they have sent turtle now with circus peanuts ;)
Angora Wool - It could have been an option if turtle would have won the race :)))

Farmville Lost Green Turtle is the next best thing after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Isn't it? I hope we do not find these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles next on our farms :)

Facebook's Farmville: Tips & Tricks: How to Adopt More Lost Animals???

Slow Green Turtle are the latest animals which can be adopted in Facebook's Super game Farmville. Since very less friends find it and one becomes very dejectic when he/she tries to adopt one of these cute turtles and comes to know that someone has already given him a home. Check the details of the lost Green Turtle here: Farmville Green Turtle

So, here is a little Farmville trick or glitch using which you can adopt more and more Turtles. You just need to help your friends and vice versa.

The trick is that if a LOST TURTLE or any other LOST ANIMAL is found by any of your friends and you adopt it in time - It will go to your GIFT BOX. Leave the animal in your gift box for some time. This will help the NEXT 7 friends to adopt the same animal as well. Yes! You are right every lost animal can be adopted by up to 8 friends if all those who adopt it earlier leave it in the gift box till the 8th one adopts it.
If you or any of your friends take the adopted animal out of the gift box and place it on the farm, then no one else can adopt it after that time.

The same Farmville Trick works wonders while adopting colorful cows, black and white sheep and ugly ducklings as well.

How Sunflower is the Best Flower Crop at Farmville to get Flower Power Ribbon

There are 6 flower crops at present in Farmville and here we will discuss which is the BEST ONE and WHY? All these crops can be seen here - 6 Flower Crops at Farmville.

So here is a little table about the flower crops for your ease:-

Sunflower is the BEST FLOWER CROP - How???.  In my opinion Sunflowers is the best crop to sow because of following reasons:-
  • Although Lavender gives 119% profit on investment BUT REMEMBER that Lavender gives this profit in 2 days while you can get 220% profit from Sunflowers in 2 days by harvesting them twice. 
  • Not to mention that in comparison of 3 XPs of Lavender, you will get 6 XPs for Sunflowers for harvesting twice.  
  • You will also get the Farmville Flower Power Ribbons earlier by harvesting Sunflowers daily. :)
Comments and suggestions are welcome. Leave your comments at the end of the post.

Farmville Flower Power is here on Facebook

Another NEW item in our favorite Farmville is the Flower Power Ribbon. The process of winning the Farmville Flower Power Ribbon is easy and can be understood by the name even!!! After all, its FLOWER POWER.

So you need to harvest flowers to get them. For the Yellow Ribbon, you have to harvest only 30 fields of Flowers. The requirements for further ribbons will be updated soon. If you have any idea, you can post in comments.

Although there was only one flower crop previously which was SUNFLOWERS, but now you can get the Flower Power by cultivating and harvesting Lillies, Red Tulips, Lavender, Pink Roses and Daffodils. All these flower crops are now available in the market for you.

By the way it is the 16th Ribbon which can be awarded to Farmville Fanatics after the recent introduction of Farmville Crop Whisperer Ribbon.
  • One Day Crops.  There are 3 crops which can be harvested in 1 day which are Sunflowers, Lilies and Red Tulips. I think that the most profitable flower crop among these is Sunflowers in terms of investment vs profit.

    • Two Day Crops.  Again there are 3 crops which can be harvested in two days. These include Lavender, Pink Roses and Daffodils. Among the two-day flower crops, I recommend you to harvest Lavender as it gives huge profit for your money.

    Get your Flower Power NOW!!!

    Click here to see:
    Which is the BEST FLOWER CROP and WHY???
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