Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Easy Method for Cheating the Farmville Chicken Coop Limit


Here is an easy method to get more than One Chicken Coops at Farmville. Just follow these steps and you will get a new Chicken Coop every time:-
Step 1: Open your Farmville Market and go to Buildings Tab; You will see that Chicken Coop is LOCKED and you can not buy it.
Step 2: Go to Animals Tab. Click on "Buy" for any animal with FVs like Black Chicken, Golden Chicken, etc but then Click on "Cancel" and DO NOT buy it.
Step 3: Then go to Seeds Tab and click on "BUY" for "Sweet Seeds of Haiti" and then hit "Cancel".
Step 4: Now go to Buildings Tab and buy the Chicken Coop. You must have 5000 coins to buy the building. You should be able to buy it now.
Step 5: Place this second Chicken Coop at your farm and share the egg found inside.

Limitation: There is a limitation which has been observed and it is that, this Farmville Cheat works for only those farmers who have "Sweet Seeds of Haiti" placed at fourth place in Seeds Tab of the Market. It means that they should have "Sweet Seeds of Haiti" or "Sweet Corn" after Strawberry, Egg-plant and Wheat.

However you can still give it a try :)
For another method which works for everyone at this time, click here:
Get Two Chicken Coops at Farmville


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that u'll get a pop-up like "ok" or "Cancel" when u click on by an animal... Don't cheat us... PLEASE DONT FOLLOW THESE STEP you'll end up with all your coins wasted.

Cheema said...

Please DO NOT follow these steps because this trick worked fine on the first version of "Sweet Seeds of Haiti". You can see that the post was made on 2 December 2009. IT IS NO LONGER WORKING with the latest version of "White Corn for Haiti". Instead, you can try the 2nd method which is still working:

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