Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FarmVille Winter-Themed Loading Screens

Here are some of the beautiful FarmVille Winter-themed Loading Screens and these magnificent farms are absolutely adorable. I am sure that you will love them all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

FarmVille New Ribbon: Vegetable Virtuoso

After FarmVille "Flower Power" Ribbon, now there is a latest addition to the list of ribbons or achievements and this time it is a ribbon for the vegetarians - FarmVille "Vegetable Virtuoso" Ribbon.

You can get the various "Vegetable Virtuoso" ribbons by doing following:-
  • Yellow Ribbon: Harvest 15 Vegetable crops to get 25 XP and 500 Coins
  • White Ribbon: Harvest 500 Vegetable crops to get 100 XP and 2500 Coins
  • Red Ribbon: Harvest 2500 Vegetable crops to get 250 XP and 5000 Coins
  • Blue Ribbon: Harvest 10,000 Vegetable crops to get 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins
How to earn FarmVille "Vegetable Virtuoso" Ribbon Quickly?
It should be a simple question to answer :)
And the answer is: "Of course, by planting and harvesting vegetable crops" ......... Lolz
You can do it even faster by planting and harvesting short-term vegetable crops

Farmville Ribbon: Lord of the Plow

In the simplest way, I can put it as, "You need to plow your fields/plots using a Farmville TRACTOR in order to earn the latest FarmVille "Lord of the Plow" Ribbon.

The details include:-
  • Yellow Ribbon: Plowing 200 Fields give you 1000 Coins & 50 XP
  • White Ribbon: Plowing 1000 Fields give you 2500 Coins & 100 XP
  • Red Ribbon: Plowing 2500 Fields give you 5000 Coins & 250 XP
  • Yellow Ribbon: Plowing 10,000 Fields give you 10,000 Coins & 1000 XP
How to Earn FarmVille "Lord of the Plow" Ribbon quickly?
  • Since you need to plow your fields/plots, every time you sow new crops, therefore, you need not to worry about earning this ribbon. It will automatically come to you - NO extra effort needed. 
  • Planting short-term crops can speed up your process of earning the blue ribbon faster. For example, if you sow 2-hour crops, then you can get the ribbon almost 40 times faster than if you sow 4-day crops.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Recent FarmVille Email Campaign

Recently FarmVille developers at Zynga have been noticed sending emails to their fans which is the first of a kind campaign. Here is how it looked like, just in case you did not get one:-

FarmVille Yellow Mystery Box - Newly Released on 22 Dec 2009

FarmVille has released a brand new Yellow Mystery Box on 22 Dec 2009. Like all the previous Mystery Boxes, this one is a limited edition item and can be bought for 16 Farm Cash from FarmVille Market.
Here is the FarmVille pop-up for FarmVille Yellow Mystery Box:-

Following are the outcomes of Yellow Mystery Boxes which have been observed so far:-
  • Rock Stream & 400 XP
  • Stone Well & 350 XP
  • Grey Goose & 300 XP
  • Porch Swing & 250 XP
  • Sneaky Crow & 200 XP
  • Melting Snowman & 150 XP

Farmville Podcast Transcription: 22 Dec 2009

Hi Pals!
The latest FarmVille podcast was released by Zynga on 22 Dec 2009 and here is its transcription for those of you who could not hear it:-

FarmVille Podcast Transcription: 22 Dec 2009
"Hey, farmers. Welcome once again to the official FarmVille podcast. My name is Lexilicious and I am the FarmVille Community Manager. As per usual, I am going to be your host today, and we are going to be going over some of our newest releases, and you guys are all going to be getting a sneak peek of things coming to FarmVille in the near future.

New Section to FarmVille Podcast.   Before we go ahead and get the podcast underway, I just want to let you guys know that we will be adding a new section to the FarmVille Podcast in the coming weeks. Starting some time in January, we will be asking our users to submit questions to us via the official FarmVille forums. I will then choose a couple of questions each week and answer them for you guys on the podcast. I know some of you have some pretty off-the-wall questions I might not always be able to address. Maybe some of you guys want to know what our lead developer’s favorite food is, or how the FarmVille artists get their inspiration for decorations in-game. Please remember that I will do my best to address as many questions as possible, however I still can’t give you guys too many details about sensitive information. Also, please let’s make sure to keep the questions constructive and fun. The point of this new section is to allow you guys to get a little bit more information and maybe get to know some more of the FarmVille team members a little bit better. I will make sure to let you guys know more information about this, and how you can participate in the coming weeks.

No FarmVille Podcast Release Next Week.  Also, due to the upcoming holidays, there will not be a podcast released next Friday. We will get back on track with the podcasts as soon as the holiday season is over. You can look forward to your next installment on Friday, January 8th. Alright, on that note, let’s go ahead and get started with discussing some of our new releases.

Latest FarmVille Issues.   This week the FarmVille team spent a lot of time focusing on addressing numerous back-end bug fixes. We know many of you are still plagued by the occasional loading problem or out-of-sync issue, and we hear you. That is why there were not as many big features released this week, however the developers made some awesome headway with fixing some issues. We would like to thank you all again for continuing to support us throughout the Beta process. You guys are the best fans out there and we know that our success is because of you.

Last Week's Releases.   This week we did release some smaller features, all of which are pretty awesome new additions to the game. Firstly, we continued to roll out new limited edition winter holiday items this week. Amongst the new releases were some new lighted decorations and an awesome new bunny slide, that are both available for Farm Cash. We also released some new festive signs and a new Estate. If you guys haven’t had a chance to check out the Estate yet, it looks almost like an improved version of the Manor, however it can be purchased for 600,000 coins if you are level 29 or higher. All of these new limited edition decorations are great for getting your farm into the spirit of the season, and they won’t be around for long.

You guys might also have noticed the new giftable teddy bears that are available. A Caramel Teddy Bear and a Whipped-Cream Teddy Bear can now be sent as gifts to your neighbors. Personally, I think these guys are absolutely adorable and they fit very well with all of the other limited edition winter holiday items. Along with this release came the addition of a new holiday Mystery Box. This box gives you the chance to get great limited edition winter holiday items at a fraction of the cost. And as always, this box is limited edition and won’t be around for long. These Mystery Boxes are a great deal for only 16 Farm Cash, so make sure to pick up yours while you can.

Changes to FarmVille Fertilizer.   Lastly, some of you may have noticed the changes we made to fertilizer we made last week. We heard feedback from some of you that not being able to fertilize you friends’ crops because they were fully-grown or not grown enough was a pain, so we decided to fix it. You can now fertilize both fertilize fully-grown crops and plowed plots. Just to clarify, the plowed plots do not need to have anything planted for you to get a bonus. I also want to remind you guys that the time to open your presents under the Holiday Tree is arriving soon. These gifts can be opened from December 24th to January 7th, and will contain some special surprises.

Holiday Season Event.   So, to really celebrate the spirit of the holiday season, we have an awesome new event for you guys this week. We are proud to announce the Winter Holiday Decorating Contest. Now, this contest is actually pretty simple. Basically, I want you guys to submit pictures of your winter holiday themed farms on the official FarmVille forums. The FarmVille team will be selecting our ten favorite farms and the winners will be receiving 500 Farm Cash and 500,000 coins. I mean, how awesome is that, guys? Get out there, take a picture of your farm, and you could be one of our winners. If you would like to participate in the Winter Holiday Decorating Contest, please check out the official FarmVille forums, or for more information, please go to www.farmville.com and check out our new section for more details.

Sneak Peak into FarmVille Future.   Alright, well I think it’s time for the part of the podcast you guys have been waiting on the edges of your seats for. It’s time for a sneak peek as to what is going to be coming your way in the near future.
  • New Year Surprise.   Firstly, I want to let you guys know that we have a very special surprise planned for you all on New Year’s. You will find a clue as to what the surprise is once you open all of the presents under your Holiday Tree. Now, I could tell you what the surprise is, but that’s not nearly as much fun. 
  • New Achievement Ribbons.   We also have some new achievements coming your way in the future. We’ve heard from some of the members of the community that some of you super-farmers have completed all of the available achievements and are looking for more. So we are more than happy to oblige. Make sure to keep on the lookout for more information regarding this release in the coming weeks. 
  • New Limited Edition Items.   We are also going to be releasing some really cool new limited edition items.
  • FarmVille Free Fuel Week.   In January, you guys should also be on the lookout for Free Fuel Week. I can’t release too much information about this even just yet, but I’m pretty sure you guys are going to enjoy it.

Happy Holidays.   That’s about it for this week. I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays, and I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful time with your families and friends this season. Again, my name is Lexilicious and I will see you all again on January 8th. Happy farming, everybody!"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Farmville Fertilizer Upgrade - Now you can fertilize plowed plots and fully grown crops!

Facebook's Farmville has upgraded the Super Grow Fertilizer in the game and now the farmers can fertilize empty plots as well as fully grown crops apart from fertilizing growing crops.

Now you can fertilize more and more crops of your friends, even if they are fully grown when you visit their farms or are not sown yet!!!

New Holiday Mystery Box in Farmville - 16 Dec 2009

Farmville has introduced a new Farmville Holiday Mystery Box which can be bought from the Farmville Market for 16 FV Cash. The new Mystery Box is available for only 7 days. The new Mystery Box transforms into a featured seasonal item from the Market at a fraction of the cost.

New Farmville Holiday Mystery Boxes can also be sent as gifts to your friends.
Following gifts have been confirmed so far to be seen out of these holiday mystery boxes:-
  • Frozen Pond
  • Gnome Santa
  • Dancing Snow Lady
  • Red & Green Sleigh
  • Gingerbread House
  • Santa's Workshop

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Farmville Holiday Themed Updates

Here is a summary of different items released by Farmville as a one-month limited edition special items. You can follow the links to get the details of these items:-

Farmville Holiday-Themed Decorations Released

Farmville has lately released some very beautiful Holiday-Themed Decorations

Following Holiday Decorations can be bought by using FV Cash:-
  • Snow Globe -  28 FV
  • Gumdrop Tree - 20 FV
  • Santa Gnome - 18 FV
  • Mrs. Claus Gnome - 18 FV
  • Holiday Sleigh - 18 FV
  • Santa Scarecrow - 15 FV
  • Candy Gate - 7 FV
  • Gingerbread Arch - 5 FV


The under-mentioned holiday decorations can be bought by spending just a few coins:-
  • Candy Fence - 800 Coins
  • Red Ornament -1200 Coins
  • Green Nutcracker - 1500 Coins
  • Green Ornament - 1200 Coins
  • Candy Arch - 2000 Coins
  • Red Nutcracker - 1500 Coins
  • Gift Mountain - 5000 Coins
  • White Nutcracker - 1500 Coins
  • Holly Arch - 2400 Coins
  • Blue Ornament - 1200 Coins

Friday, December 4, 2009

Have You Seen Flying Perfect Bunches at Farmville Lately???

Have you observed that recently Farmville has upgraded a feature as the Perfect Bunches are flying around, every time you get a Perfect Bunch while harvesting a Flower Crop?
Here is a picture of a flying perfect bunch:-

Afterwards, you can find the perfect bunches inside your Farmville Gift Box.

Farmville Holiday Tree is much like a Christmas Tree


Farmville has released a Holiday Tree which is much like a Christmas Tree and you can use it to store the special holiday presents received from your Farmville Neighbors/ friends. Its a beautiful tree which you will get free of cost from Farmville Developers as a special gift.
When you log in, you will see a small Holiday Tree Icon in the left top corner of your game screen like this:-

You will also find a pop up like this one:-

After logging in to Farmville, you can simply go to your Gift Box and get your beautiful Holiday Tree.

Farmville Holiday Tree has some cool features, which are as follows:-
  • Farmville Holiday Tree is a Storage System It is a storage system and can hold up to 60 Holiday Presents from your friends.

  • Holiday Tree Grows Taller and More Colorful Farmville Holiday Tree grows taller and more colorful when you store more holiday presents inside them. Here is the holiday tree from Stage 1-4 (From Left to Right) along with the number of presents required to get the stage:-
    • Stage 1 : 0-19 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 2 : 20-39 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 3 : 40-59 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 4 : 60 Holiday Presents

  • Holiday Tree helps you in getting more presents from friends Holiday Tree helps you ask your Farmville neighbors to send you more Holiday Presents. You can simply left click the Holiday Tree, then click on "Ask Friends for Presents"

Click "Accept" and your friends will start sending you holiday presents .....

...... After seeing such a feed on their pages.......

You can see some other Holiday-themed Items here:

Cool Farmville Holiday-Themed Buildings Released

A couple of very beautiful Farmville Holiday-Themed Buildings have been released today. These include a Farmville Santa's Workshop and a Farmville Gingerbread Home. Both these buildings are limited edition buildings available for only 29 days:
  • Farmville Santa's Workshop is the first building released today. It can be bought for 38 FVs and rewards 2000 XPs. It can be sold afterwards for 10000 coins.

  •  Farmville Gingerbread Home can be bought for 32 FVs and gives 1500 XPs. It can be resold for 7500 coins.

Farmville Holiday Season Special Crops Released - Poinsettia

Poinsettia is the newest crop at Farmville which has exclusively been released for the holiday season. A new Holiday Seeds Tab has also been added inside the Farmville Market.

Poinsettia is a limited edition crop which is available in Farmville Market for 30 days only. Seeds can be bought for 60 coins per field and give you 126 coins on harvesting after only 1 day.
The crop is pretty ordinary as far as the revenue is concerned but the best thing about it is that it gives 3 XPs per field for sowing it.
The crop is much better for the early level farmers, who can not sow and harvest PEAS because peas is the only other 1-day crop which gives 3 XPs per field.

I still do not know whether it comes under a Flower Crop or not???
What do you think?

Farmville Holiday Presents Released

Farmville has released an absolutely gorgeous feature in the Holiday Season and these are the beautiful Farmville Holiday Presents of 5 different colors. You can send these presents to your friends, so that they can open them on Christmas.
You can also receive these presents when your Farmville friends/neighbors send them to you. You can store 60 of them underneath your Holiday Tree till Christmas. So these presents are:
  • Blue Present
  • Pink Present
  • Green Present
  • Red Present
  • Brown Present


So what do you think they will contain??? A lot of surprises from Farmville are coming your way.

The Official Word from Farmville says: "Neighbors can send you special gifts that will appear as presents under your Tree! These gifts can be opened from Dec. 24th to Jan. 7th and contain some special surprises."

Latest farmville.com Exclusive Giftable Items at Farmville

Now you can find two latest Farmville.com Exclusive Gifts for your friends. These are a "Blue Bike" and a "Barrel of Apples".

These gifts can not be sent from your Facebook Gift page but only from Farmville.com Gift page. It must be fun to have a barrel full of red apples - They seem tasty and juicy!!! :)

Another Holiday Themed Gift is also available in the Gift Section and it is "Farmville Giant Candy".
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