Sunday, November 28, 2010

FarmVille Unreleased 28 x 28 Expansion

Are you running out of space on your farm? Or you need more room on your farm then keep your fingers crossed as Master FarmVille brings to you the unreleased pictures of FarmVille 28 x 28 Expansion.
Yes! I really mean 28 x 28 FarmVille Expansion and there are all the likely chances that soon you will be able to upgrade your farm to 28 x 28, so that you will be able to accommodate more animals, crops, trees, etc on your Farm.
So Are you ready for a 28 x 28 FarmVille expansion? What else do you want? Anything???


Anu said...

Now the expansion is here but only for cash???

So I don't do it.

Lena said...

Candy Cane Pony! OMFG! I've been dreaming about having a pony since I was 5. A Candy Cane Pony! Who can invent something like that? I suppose, they are available for FarmCash? I'm glad I have some money on paysafecards so that I can combine them and buy a pony!

Biographic Summary said...

Being totally disabled and on a fixed income I cannot expand unless/until they put a coin option, I have around 14 MILLION coins now and nothing to spend them on because the clothes are also all FV cash...

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