Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Farmville Trick to "Get the Maximum from Chicken Coops"

You can very conveniently harvest your Farmville Chicken Coops more than once.
The question arises - HOW?

You can harvest your Farmville Chicken Coops more than once in a day if you have some chickens which are 100%. Follow these simple steps to get the maximum out of your Farmville Chicken Coops:-
  1. Empty your Chicken Coops and place all Chickens on your farm.
  2. Put a White or Brown Chicken inside the Chicken Coop first which is 100% ready for collecting eggs.
  3. Next put all the Black and Golden chickens inside the building. The status of the Chicken Coop will be set by the first chicken placed inside. 
  4. Collect Eggs from the 100% ready Chicken Coop and then empty your building again.
  5. Now put another chicken which is 100% ready.
  6. Repeat Steps 2-4 and make your chicken coop 100% ready again.
Just chill and get the maximum out of your Chicken Buildings. Placing more chickens of Black and Golden color will increase your ability to get the Black and Golden Mystery Eggs.

Get in-depth details on "Farmville Chicken Coops and Mystery Eggs" by clicking on the link.


Anonymous said...

What black and golden eggs? You can't catch any egg and lay them on the ground or in the chicken coop! Once you collect, you collect and that's it!!! So in other words, you can't do step number 3!!!!!

Cheema said...

Sorry pal! It was a typing mistake. I have corrected it now. Please go through again and I hope that it will make sense now.
Thanks a lot for your observation.
This little trick also helps you get your BLUE Zoologist RIBBON (for collecting from Animals).

If you repeat the process with 20 chickens every time, then you can harvest 100 chickens in almost 20 minutes (If your computer is not very slow).

Anonymous said...

hey man i am trying to get more chicken coops and every time i find a method the glitch is fixed... can you add me as a friend and tell me right away when a glitch is working?

if you say yes ill tell you my name to look me up

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