Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to get FREE FarmVille Roman Horse?

FarmVille has released a beautiful Roman Horse for all of you. But you must gain 3 Levels in Zynga's other sensational game Mafia Wars.
And that is all you have to do to get the Roman Horse in FarmVille.

Look out for this pop up while playing FarmVille:-
You will find the following information about getting the FarmVille Roman Horse for FREE:-
Head over straight to Mafia Wars by clicking on "Accept" button and complete jobs to gain 3 more levels and find a magnificent Roman Horse in FarmVille.

Have fun! Have you found your Roman Horse for Free in FarmVille???

FarmVille Animal Feed Trough Guide

Howdy Farmers!
Underneath is the official and authentic "Animal Feed Trough Guide" as dictated by Zynga on their Official FarmVille Blog:-

The Animal Feed Trough Guide

With the introduction of Animal Feed Troughs you can now purchase a new building for your Farm that, once full of animal feed, can attract one of a number of atypically available animals which you can adopt for your farm. Once you adopt one, your Feed Trough will need to get filled up again in order to attract another farm animal.
We'll be shifting what animals will be coming around soon, so get them now or you may not have another chance!
Feeds and Troughs
The next time you log into FarmVille after the update you’ll receive an Animal Trough to place on your farm. If you do not choose to place it now it will go into your Gift Box for placement later. Once you click on the Animal Trough and choose “Look Inside” you’ll see this window:

Next you’ll need to get the Animal Trough filled—it’ll take 20 units of Animal Feed to top off the Trough. You can acquire Animal Feed one of two ways—you can buy it by clicking on the “Buy Feed” button and purchasing Animal Feed one unit at a time for 1 Farm Cash each.
When your neighbors visit your farm, they can click on your Animal Trough to give you one unit of Animal Feed (or, if you visit them, you can click on their Animal Trough and gift them a unit of Animal Feed). If you click on the “Ask For Feed” you’ll be prompted to put a notice up on your Facebook feed asking for more Animal Feed. You can also acquire more Animal Feed through feed posts.
The Animal Feed Trough window shows visually how full your Trough is, and has six mug shots of the animals known to be nearby that may wander onto your farm. Animals will drop out of the rotation eventually and new animals inserted, so the six won’t stay the exact same for long.
The visual state of the Animal Trough changes as it fills up with Animal Feed:

Adopting a new farm animal
Once the Animal Trough is filled with Animal Feed you’ll get this notice:
Sometime in the next day or so an animal will stop by and enter the Animal Trough. You’ll be able to tell by the fact that the light above the building entrance is green, the doors are closed, and the feed has been drained (see comparison image above). If you visit the Animal Trough in time, you will be successful in adopting the animal for your farm (and you’ll have the option to share one with your neighbors):

All of your Animal Feed will be used up and you’ll need to fill your Animal Trough back up again to get another animal.
However, if you wait too long (more than a couple of days), the animal will go away. You’ll see this window instead:

By losing the animal you’ll only lose 2 units of Animal Feed, so you’ll have 18 units instead. The mug shot board in the Animal Trough will reflect which animals you’ve adopted and which still remain to be adopted.
Source: Official FarmVille Blog

Sunday, October 24, 2010

FarmVille Latest Podcast Released on 23 Oct 2010

FarmVille's latest podcast has been released as per schedule on 23 Oct 2010. Here Master FarmVille brings you the complete transcript for the Zynga's FarmVille Podcast alongwith the original Youtube Video for FarmVille Podcast. So here you can view and read the podcasts right now:-

Coming Soon Features in FarmVille include the following:-

  • FarmVille Tree Orchards (For details read below)
  • Gifted Limited Edition Seeds
  • FarmVille Black Rose Crop

Complete Transcript for FarmVille Podcast 23 Oct 2010:

"Hey Farmers, and welcome to this week’s installment of the official FarmVille podcast! My name is Grimwell, and I’m filling in for Lexilicious during this week’s Podcast, and over the next few minutes I’ll be bringing you the latest news and information about FarmVille from Zynga.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free FarmVille Cash for Facebook Credits - Limited Time Offer

If you have been wondering how to get Free FarmVille Cash and could not find a loop-hole then here is your chance to get some legitimately. Now you can make use of a magnificent offer to get Free Farm Cash by redeeming your Facebook Credits as follows:-

  • Get 4 FV for 10 Facebook Credits
  • Get 25 FV for 50 Facebook Credits
  • Get 115 FV for 200 Facebook Credits

Note: Remember: You can only avail 1 Package from the above.
Have you got your Free Farm Cash? How many?

FarmVille Halloween Costumes and Upgraded Character Guide

Howdy Farmers!
FarmVille has now given you the ability to do more with your Farmer in the game. Now you can use many new types of clothing including shirts, trousers, shoes and other accessories. You can even dress him up for the upcoming Halloween tastefully! 

Q: Where can I find the Clothing items and Halloween Costumes?A: When you visit your inventory, you can find some basic clothing items already waiting for you. More clothes and FarmVille Halloween costumes can be purchased from the market. 

Q:Can I see a preview before purchasing a costume?
A: The best thing is that you can take a preview as to how your farmer will look like in any particular piece of clothing before releasing the payment for it.

Q: Are there any requirements for buying FarmVille Costumes?
A: You only need to be a Level 4 farmer at least!!!

Q: How to get to the Revised Character Customization Window?

A: You can visit the Character Customization window at any time by simply clicking on your character on the Farm. FarmVille Team has also added a little reminder icon on the left side of the screen like the one shown here. The window itself has been re-arranged and revised to reflect the addition of Clothing:

Q: What are the new changes in this Window?
A: The Gender button lets you change your gender as usual. Once you move your mouse over the Facial Features or Clothing buttons, a pull-down menu will appear with all of the different categories for each:

Q: Are there any changes in the Facial Features Section?
A: No! This section works much the same as before. You can enjoy the liberty of changing your face type, hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, mouth, skin tone and facial hair types in many different ways, and ALL FOR FREE. 

Q: What are the new additions in Clothing Section?
A: The Clothing section is split into two halves: what you have currently in your inventory (which does not count against Gift Box or storage space) for each Clothing category, and what’s available for purchase. Remember that what’s available for purchase also depends on your Gender.

You have a few clothing options already provided in your inventory for each category. Just click on the Use button to change clothes on your character (which you can see on the right). To acquire new clothing you can easily check to see what’s available for that clothing category (use the right and left arrows to scroll through the selections if there are more than three). Most categories have a selection of both coin and Farm Cash items:

Q: How can I see a preview of new Clothing items on my Avatar?
A: If you want to see how it looks on your character, click the “Try On” label. If you just want to buy it outright, go ahead and click on the “Buy” button. Make sure you double-check what you’re doing—you don’t want to accidentally buy something you’re merely trying on.

When you’re trying on new clothes the “Purchase Total” counter on the bottom right shows the total accumulated cost of new clothes you’re “trying” out. You can only try out one piece of clothing per category at a time, so you can’t have five bottoms tallied up, for instance. However, you can have one bottom, one shirt, one shoe, one accessory, etc. selected at any one time. Moving your mouse cursor over “Purchase Total” will also show an itemized total of what you’ve selected:

If you want to purchase all that, just click on the “Buy Now” button and everything will be bought. If you don’t, click on the “Reset” button and everything will be returned back to the market (your clothing will return to the state you were in before you starting trying on clothes).

If you’re just changing your clothes around, the changes won’t take until you click on “Save and Close” at the bottom of the window.

Q: What features have been upgraded to Outfits and Costumes?
A: Outfits and Costumes are essentially one-off clothing choices—when you put it on you wear the whole thing, with the exception that you can change your shoes with an Outfit, but not with a Costume. Typically Costumes will also be tied to Limited Edition sets or themes and only available for a certain period (but not always). Here are some Costumes available for Halloween:

Q: What Changes have been made in FarmVille Market to accomodate these changes?
A: You don’t have to go into the Character Customization window to buy new clothes—they’re all available in the Market. We’ve added a new Clothes tab in the Market at the far right. Click on that, and you can see all of the Clothing categories and purchase options. If click on the “Try it on?” label you will be transported to the Character Customization window.

Q: Can I get a New Ribbon for Buying new Clothing items?
A: Yes! A brand new "Style Maven" Ribbon has been added to the list of ribbons. You can easily earn it. For details please visit "FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Out of Ideas for FarmVille Halloween Farm Decorations?

If you want to decorate your FarmVille farm in accordance with Halloween and are out of ideas for the occasion, then Master FarmVille brings for you a couple of exclusive posts from the last year's Halloween Archive. Here are the Top 10 farms of the Last Year's Official Halloween Decorating Contest organized by Zynga on Official FarmVille Forums.

We hope that you will enjoy these magnificent farms and would add more spice to your farms. To show off your nice farms on this blog, you can submit your farm photos at

Sunday, October 17, 2010

FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon Released

With the introduction of FarmVille Halloween Costumes, FarmVille has released yet another ribbon today - FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon.
How to get FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon?
You can earn this ribbon by buying costumes for your Farmer in the game.

What are the Requirements for various FarmVille Style Maven Ribbons?
You can get different colored ribbons by fulfilling the following requirements:-

  • Buy 5 Clothing Items  - Get Yellow Ribbon
  • Buy 10 Clothing Items  - Get White Ribbon
  • Buy 20 Clothing Items  - Get Red Ribbon
  • Buy 40 Clothing Items  - Get Blue Ribbon
How many Style Maven Ribbons have you earned so far? Any tricks on getting these ribbons faster?

FarmVille Garden Shed's Capacity Increased

Finally FarmVille Team has managed to get some time for Garden Sheds too. Lately, it has been observed that the capacity of FarmVille Garden Sheds has been increased from 30 to 100.
Hopefully it will give you some more roam to keep your perfect bunches.
FarmVille still needs to give more incentives for using Garden Sheds, especially giving out XPs or coins in one way or the other like FarmVille Crafting Cottages. What do you think?

FarmVille Costumes upgraded for Halloween

FarmVille has upgraded added new costumes to make your Halloween more colorful and attractive.
Now you can dress-up your farmer's avatar in trendy and stylish Halloween costumes.

How to get Free FarmVille Halloween Costumes?
Simply click on your avatar and find many new changes/ updated costumes in your almirah.
You can even get Free FarmVille Coins and XPs by getting new Halloween costumes, as you also get various colorful ribbons of "FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon".
How have you dressed up your farmers? Do you have any suggestions to add to the existing list of FarmVille Halloween Costumes?

FarmVille Halloween Candy Basket Guide

The wait is finally over and Halloween Candy Baskets are now available! With these Baskets you can redeem your accumulated Candy for special Halloween items unavailable anywhere else. Plus, if you still don’t have enough, you can still get more!

If you’ve seen our other collection baskets before (like the recent Haiti backpack) this one works very much the same way. Put the Halloween Candy in the basket, and you can then redeem the Candy for one of six cool new Halloween-themed items. Be sure to use your Candy now, because they could be going away soon after Halloween. 

Using your Candy Basket

You’ll get your Candy Basket the next time you launch FarmVille after the update, and you’ll be put right into Placement Mode (alternatively you can also buy it in the Market). Once you’ve placed the Candy Basket on your farm, click on it, then select “Look Inside” to open up the Candy Basket Window.

Here you can see how much Candy you’ve placed in the Basket (at first there won’t be any because you have to put them in the Basket from the Gift Box), the prizes you’ve unlocked and how much Candy you’ll need to redeem for them, the option to Buy additional Candy or ask friends for more, and a button to the Comparison window.

Once you start putting Candy in the Basket, the meter on the left will grow. Total Candy indicates how much Candy you’ve put in all together, while Candy Available shows how much you have left to spend. Click on the green “Redeem” button on each item you wish to purchase (assuming you have enough Candy, if you don’t the button will be greyed out). All purchased items will go straight into the Gift Box—and you’ll get the option to share an extra one with your friends!

The Candy Basket on the farm will also grow in size depending on how much Total Candy you’ve accumulated. Here are the sizes and the titles that go with them:

If you didn’t manage to collect enough Candy, don’t fret. You can still get more by visiting your own or neighbors’ Haunted Houses. In addition, you can use the “Ask For Candy” button in the Candy Basket window to ask your friends for more, or the “Buy Candy” button which will confirm that you want to spend 5 Farm Cash for 5 pieces of Candy. Finally you can give your friends and neighbors Candy with the Free Gifts button and finding the Candy option:

Finally, the Comparison button will show you how your ability to accumulate Candy compares with all your neighbors. 
Source: Official Zynga Forums

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FarmVille Halloween is back in Town

So here is the first FarmVille Halloween-Themed Loading Screen for this year's event:-
So are you in a mood to celebrate Halloween this year with FarmVille?
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