Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FarmVille Adobe Themed Items Released

After Far East Themed Items, now Facebook's FarmVille has released South-Western Themed Items for FarmVille including Adobe Themed Items.
There have been 8 South-Western Themed Items added to FarmVille Market. Here is a list of these items:-
  • FarmVille Animal - Jackrabbit
  • FarmVille Buildings 
    • Adobe Farmhouse
    • Adobe barn (With Storage Capacity of upto 22 items)
    • Adobe Shed (With Storage Capacity of upto 15 items)
  • FarmVille Decorations
    • Adobe Wall
    • Adobe Ladder
    • Saguaro Cactus
    • Barrel Cactus

Are you willing to buy these items for FV Farm Cash? What all did you buy? You can submit the photos of your farm to and they can be featured here.


Anonymous said...

I bought an adobe cottage, for 50;000 coins...and I DID NOT GET IT....whats up with that....i am maddddd

Anonymous said...

I bought an adobe cottage for 50000 coins....took my coins ...but gave me NO adobe cottage,,,,,WHATS UP WITH THIS.........i am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!

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