Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FarmVille Pink and Purple Mystery Box Released


On 27 April 2010, Facebook's FarmVille released a brand new Mystery Box which is pink in color with a purple ribbon.
 FarmVille Pink and Purple Mystery Box can be bought from FarmVille Market for 16 FV for next 7 days, as it is a Limited Edition Mystery Box like all its counterparts.
Following items can be found from FarmVille Pink and purple Mystery Box:-

  • Lavender Victorian + 400 XP
  • Purple Mane Pony + 350 XP 
  • Sphynx + 300 XP
  • Purple Frog + 250 XP
  • Antique Cart + 150 XP
  • Garden Statue + 150 XP

Thanks to members at Official FarmVille Forum for the above images.
What did you get from your FarmVille Mystery Box? To show off the pictures of your Mystery Box contents, you can send your entries to

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