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What are FarmVille Super Crops? How they work?


Howdy Farmers! FV has released yet another awesome feature by raising the curtain off FarmVille Super Crops.

What are Super Crops?
Now you can grow your crops to super sizes and the best thing is that they will help you in earning more coins, XPs and Bushels! On mastering the Super Crops, you’ll also receive a gold plated mastery sign for your achievement. Wow! Gold-plated was something missing in FV so far.

How to Get Super Crops Feature?
You will automatically see the following pop-up, when you login to your farm. By clicking the “Unlock now” button,  you will be taken to the “Seeds” section of the FV Market.
How many Super Crops are there?
Not all the crops are Super crops at the moment. Only nine new Super Crops can be found in the Market which can be distinguished by their Golden border card and  the “Super” title at the beginning of their name.

Following nine new Super Crops are available at this time:-

  • Super Cotton
  • Super Pumpkin (Different from the Super Pumpkins from the last year's fan event)
  • Super Yellow Mellon
  • Super Grape
  • Super Watermelon
  • Super Pepper
  • Super Strawberry
  • Super Pink Aster
  • Super Cranberry

Are the Super Crops Readily Available in Market?
No! In order to unlock a super crop, you must first fully master the basic version of the crop. For example, if you wish to plant Super Strawberries, then you must first master 3-level mastery for Strawberries Crop. Without mastering the basic version of the crop, you can not plant a Super Crop and you will see the following screen when clicking on the “Unlock” button:
 After mastering the basic version of the crop, the Super crop will be UNLOCKED, but before this you have to complete another step as well. When you click the “Unlock” button on a Super Crop you have mastered, you will see the following screen:
The Super Crop will be available for planting as soon as 6 of your friends certify. You can also pay Farm Cash and get Super Crop immediately by paying some valuable Farm Cash, but I know most of you will prefer to get help from friends. After all, friends are meant to be helping :)

After unlocking your Super crop, you can immediately start planting it. After mastering all 3 levels of a Super Crop, you will be rewarded with a Gold-plated Mastery Sign as below:
Each time you achieve a mastery level, you will also be able to share packages of Super Crop seeds with your Neighbors for a limited time (7 Days). These seeds will allow your Neighbors to temporarily plant the Super Crop you have mastered, even if they would not otherwise have access to the crop. These seed packets can be found on the Free Gifts page and can be sent to any of your Neighbors.
If you receive a seed package from a friend, keep in mind that the crops still have their original level lock (for example, if strawberries normally unlock at level 20, you would not be able to use the Super Strawberry Seeds unless you were level 20 or above).

Each package you receive contains 20 seeds (this means you can plant a total of 20 super crops for each package of seeds you receive from a friend.)
In addition to the seed packages, you will also receive a one-time coin and XP bonus for each level of mastery you attain for a Super Crop. The rewards are as follows:

  • Super Mastery Level 1 - 1000 Coins and 50 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 2 - 3000 Coins and 150 XP
  • Super Mastery Level 3 – 10,000 Coins and 500 XP

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Super Crops will earn you additional coins, XP and Bushels when planted. Please find the information for each of these crops in the table below:

Each time you find a bushel from a Super Crop, you will be granted 4 instead of the usual 1. Please note that Super Crops only grant bushels for the basic version of the crop. This means that if I harvest Super Strawberries and find a bushel, it will be a normal Strawberry bushel, not a Super Strawberry Bushel. Because of this, you cannot use bushels on Super Crops to gain a Mastery Bonus.

If you need to know anything more, please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

FarmVille Summer Quest Guide: Know Everything Before Anyone Else ;)

Howdy Farmers!
Summer has arrived and you need to be ready for it before hand. Gather your water pumps and electric fans and be ready to cool down. As a part of FarmVille Summer Quest, there are 3 different missions to stay cool and find some lovely and exclusive prizes like a Dive Pool, a Beach Ball Ram and a quick Racing Turtle!

Summer Quest Details
Expiry Date :  1st August 2011
Minimum Level Req : Level 6

QUEST 1: Summer Picnic
  • Get 6 Picnic Baskets
  • Buy a BBQ Grill
  • Harvest 50 Strawberries
  • 100 XP
  • Dive Tower
  • 1,000 Coins
QUEST 2: Cool It!
  • Get 6 Electric Fans
  • Harvest 100 Habanero Chilis
  • Buy 2 Water Pump
  • 200 XP
  • Beach Ball Sheep
  • 2,500 Coins
QUEST 3: The Turtle Derby
  • Get 8 Racing Stripes
  • Harvest 100 Spinach
  • Buy 2 Trees
  • 500 XP
  • Racing Turtle
  • 5,000 Coins
You can also share a turtle at the end of the Turtle Derby.
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

FV Turbo Charger Guide: How Turbo Charger Works? Is it Useful?

Howdy friends! FarmVille has released yet another consumable like arborists to harvest trees and Farmhands to harvest animals. This new product is called a "Turbo Charger".

What can a Turbo Charger do?
A Turbo Charger can help you in farming your farm with a single click. They enable you to farm an entire field of plots or crops with one click; however if you use a Combine vehicle, then it will use 3 Turbo chargers - one for every action - plowing, planting and harvesting.

Where can I Find FV Turbo Chargers?
Its the most common question in FarmVille community these days, but unfortunately the turbo chargers are available in the FarmVille Market only. I wonder who will purchase a 3 x Turbo Chargers for 7 Farm Cash. 

You can go to Market and find the turbo charger packs in "Farm Aides" under the "Fuel" Tab. You can purchase turbo charger packs as under:-

3 Turbo Chargers – 7 Farm Cash
15 Turbo Chargers – 28 Farm Cash
60 Turbo Chargers – 65 Farm Cash

Will the Turbo Chargers Appear in my Gift Box when I purchase them?

After purchasing Turbo Chargers, they will not appear in your gift box. They will appear in the left bottom corner of your game screen as soon as you select the vehicle to be used (Tractor, Seeder, Harvester or Combine). They will appear as a bar above your fuel section and shows the number of turbo chargers available too.

How to Use a Turbo Charger?
In order to utilize a Turbo Charger, you must tick or check the box shown on the Turbo charger bar.

After checking the box, you can hover the mouse cursor over the desired plot. The Turbo Charger will automatically select all applicable plots on your farm. Point to be noted is that, while using a Turbo Charger, you will still be deducted the appropriate amount of fuel for each action. It means that if you use a Turbo Charger to plow 20 plots, you would be deducted 20 units of fuel. 

Useful Information:

You will be charged multiple turbo chargers while using a Combine vehicle. One turbo charger will be charged for every action, which means that one turbo charger each will be consumed for Plowing, planting and harvesting. So in total 3 turbo chargers will be used alongwith the appropriate units of fuel.
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

I am sure that this little "How To use Turbo Charger?" Guide will prove helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

FarmVille Silo Guide - How To Use Crafting Silo?

Crafting was introduced in FarmVille quite some time ago but there were a number of issues slowing down the process and teasing the players. The developers have been informed about the issues multiple times and finally they have come up with a solution.
FarmVille Crafting has become much easier and quicker with this new update. All you have to do is to build a crafting silo in 3 steps.
 You can find crafting ingredients while harvesting trees and animals and store them inside your Silo. Then you can use these crafting ingredients for crafting.
Find Crafting Ingredients
Find crafting ingredients every time you harvest cows, sheep, pigs, apple trees, lemon trees, walnut trees and maple trees. Harvest more to increase your chances!

Crafting Store Ingredients 
Your crafted silo comes with a limited amount of storage space of 10, but you can expand your silo to increase its capacity up to 50. Remember that you can build your silos on both you Home Farm and your English Countryside Farm, which means you can get up to 100 storage!

Ask For Help
You can also ask your friends for help in sending missing crafting ingredients after every four hours.

Using Crafting Ingredients
You can use crafting ingredients to make things in the Craftshop and get Mastery signs when you do. 

By clicking on the Silo give you the option to:
  • Complete Now
  • Look Inside
  • Move
  • Sell
In your inventory, you can buy, share and ask for crafting items. 
How To Expand Your Silo?
You can collect building parts by harvesting, asking your friends or purchasing them.
  • 10 Tin Sheets
  • 10 Hinges
  • 10 Screwdrivers

You can also gift Silo Parts to your friends anytime you want from the Gift Page!
Keep playing and your FarmVille Crafting Silo will be ready in no time!
Source: Official FarmVille Forum
Did you like the Crafting Silo? If you have any questions, you can leave your queries in comments below!
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