Saturday, July 23, 2011

FarmVille Silo Guide - How To Use Crafting Silo?

Crafting was introduced in FarmVille quite some time ago but there were a number of issues slowing down the process and teasing the players. The developers have been informed about the issues multiple times and finally they have come up with a solution.
FarmVille Crafting has become much easier and quicker with this new update. All you have to do is to build a crafting silo in 3 steps.
 You can find crafting ingredients while harvesting trees and animals and store them inside your Silo. Then you can use these crafting ingredients for crafting.
Find Crafting Ingredients
Find crafting ingredients every time you harvest cows, sheep, pigs, apple trees, lemon trees, walnut trees and maple trees. Harvest more to increase your chances!

Crafting Store Ingredients 
Your crafted silo comes with a limited amount of storage space of 10, but you can expand your silo to increase its capacity up to 50. Remember that you can build your silos on both you Home Farm and your English Countryside Farm, which means you can get up to 100 storage!

Ask For Help
You can also ask your friends for help in sending missing crafting ingredients after every four hours.

Using Crafting Ingredients
You can use crafting ingredients to make things in the Craftshop and get Mastery signs when you do. 

By clicking on the Silo give you the option to:
  • Complete Now
  • Look Inside
  • Move
  • Sell
In your inventory, you can buy, share and ask for crafting items. 
How To Expand Your Silo?
You can collect building parts by harvesting, asking your friends or purchasing them.
  • 10 Tin Sheets
  • 10 Hinges
  • 10 Screwdrivers

You can also gift Silo Parts to your friends anytime you want from the Gift Page!
Keep playing and your FarmVille Crafting Silo will be ready in no time!
Source: Official FarmVille Forum
Did you like the Crafting Silo? If you have any questions, you can leave your queries in comments below!

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