Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to get more than ONE Gray Horse at FarmVille?

You all know that FarmVille Gray Horse can be found inside the FarmVille Horse Stable - once it is completely built. Till today, there are only two ways to find a Gray Horse at FarmVille. The first one is from the feeds posted by friends after completing their own horse stables while the second method will be discussed underneath in detail. Since most of the farmers have already completed their stables therefore the first method is very less likely to come in front of your eyes. It is not available in the FarmVille Market.
Since FarmVille has no restriction on owning Gray Horses, therefore you can own more than one Gray Horses without the fear of being banned from the game.

How to get More than ONE FarmVille Gray Horse? 
The answer to this complex question is not so complex:-
  • You can get more than one FarmVille Gray Horses by building your stable more than once. 
  • Since FarmVille has a limit of 1 stable per farm, therefore, you will be required to sell your first stable after removing your Gray Horse from it and placing it on your farm.
  • Build another stable and get another Gray Horse. Remove the Gray Horse and sell the stable again.
  • If you have many neighbors who send you daily gifts, then you can very easily collect 50 Collectibles (Brick, Nail, Horseshoe, Harness, Wooden Board) to build a FarmVille Stable.
So, do you think that the pain of building a stable again is worth owning more than one gray horses which will make your friends envy of your farm and leave them wondering HOW DID YOU DO IT???


Anonymous said...

I have several gray horses, because each time a friend finished their horse stable, I was able to click on that post in the news feed and get awarded a gray horse.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh you do realize when you finish building your stable, the prize to all your friends is a grey horse...

Cheema said...

Thanks for the correction. I have already amended the post accordingly.
Happy Farming!

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