Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FarmVille Multiple Chicken Coops Risk - Are you facing a ban?

FarmVille Moderators have time and again warned the users about owning multiple Chicken Coops at their farms. Although in the eyes of most farmers/gamers, owning more than one chicken coops at FarmVille does not tentamounts to cheating because they are attained without using any external tool or feature. In fact these multiple chicken coops were attained by manipulating a glitch inside the game and they are a result of some mistakes by the FarmVille Programmers at Zynga.

FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious has recently warned about the consequences which a farmer can face for owning multiple chicken coops at his/her farm. Read the warning message here: FarmVille Warning about Multiple Chicken Coop.
What do you think? Is it CHEATING or simply using the FarmVille Glitches or FarmVille Tips and Tricks to get something which Developers failed to fix?
Do you think that FarmVille Gods will really be banning the users who refuse to remove multiple Chicken Coops from their farms or is it merely a threat?


Anonymous said...

I love playing the farmville after getting off from work. But I am very disappointed after purchasing 2 types seeds costing me 1 seed for 4000 coins and the other seed for 2500 coins when completing the mission requesting for 3 friends. It says: x 50 for each purchase seeds but I sat there waiting to see my harvest coins go up, but never get it.

Master said...

No of seeds count say "Harvested Seeds". They should be updated once you harvest them after planting. Hope it helps :)

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