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Farm Ville Crafting Building Recipes and Mastery Guide

Here are 6 charts I made that should significantly improve your Crafting Building productivity!

The first three charts show each recipe, the required bushels to make them, each level of recipe mastery and the rewards for hitting each level. Scroll down for more charts and a math lesson!

Use this chart to decide which crops to plant depending on which Crafting Building(s) you have on your farm. 

+Sunflower for Spa and Winery

If you want to master recipes faster, use faster growing crops! Here is a chart with the times for all the crops involved in crafting using the above color scheme. (The crops are in alphabetical order, mostly)

+Sunflower - 23 hours

The fastest recipes are those with the shortest grow time.
Bakery - Tripple Berry Pie (4 hours for longest crop)
Winery - Fruit Wine (8 hours for longest crop)
Spa - Herbal Lotion (10 hours for longest crop)

This chart took some real math to create! It simply shows you the minimum number of goods you will need to make, then stop and sell out of, to get to each level of mastery. 

If you don't want to get into heavy math with all of this but still want to know the best way to level things up I have a few suggestions:
1) For one or 2 days focus on making as many goods for one recipe as you can!
2) Plant crops to harvest for the next day's bushel requirements.
3) Get together a group of friends who wish to follow this plan so that you're all doing the same recipes at the same time. There should always be plenty of the required bushels available to you in the farmer's market this way! 

Shopping? Check out which level goods you will need to buy to get enough for your plots! Prices vary per some, currently mysterious, formula. You can just buy the cheaper one if you're short on coins!

This chart can help you determine how many more goods of each recipe you will need to make to reach the next level on your mastery sign. Here's where the math comes in!

Formula: (Total needed - Total made so far - Amount for sale) / Level divisor.

"Total needed" is the number in the right hand column called 'total goods made/sold'. Look for the highlighted number with the color that corresponds to that recipe's level (think about how many 'star upgrades' your building was when you unlocked it. See above charts). Ie. yellow is level 1 building and will be for the first 3 recipes.

"Total made so far" is the number in the last column that corresponds to your recipes current level of mastery. Be sure to include any extras that you have made if you're between levels.

"Amount for sale" you can find in the third tab of your crafting building. You might have to scroll through your list to see how many are on sale for friends to buy.

"Level divisor" is the number of goods you make each time (always 1) plus the number that will be on sale for friends (depends on its upgrade level). See color key under the final chart for level divisors. Each good that your friends buy counts towards leveling up your recipes.

An example:

I have a level 11 Pattypan Tart recipe with 27 for sale.

This is a 2 Star recipe, so to get my first mastery sign I'll need to get it up to level 23.

I need 105+9= 114 goods made and sold to raise my recipe to level 23. (Be careful with levels in between level tiers and make sure you add on the amount needed to make/sell to the previous total)

Made so far is 27+5= 32 (based on level)
Subtract what I've made from what I need. 114-32 = 82
Subtract what I already have for sale. 82-27 = 55

Divide by 4 (because its a 2 star recipe). 55/4 = 13.75 or 14 more pattypan tarts that I will need to make to get my first mastery sign for this recipe.

I hope that all makes sense to everyone. If not, just follow the tips and use the first 4 charts as a reference and you'll be fine! Crafting mastery wasn't meant to be quick and easy. Like mastering crops it will take a lot of time, preparation, and a bit of strategy. Good luck!

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

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