Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guide for Completing FarmVille Wonderland Quests

FarmVille Team is slowing rolling out this feature. Some of you may not see it for some time, so please be patient while we test it out.

Coupled together with the introduction of the Winter Workshop, the Winter Wonderland Quest is a mission to make your farm into a beautiful wonderland. And you’ll get some cool gifts for finishing this multi-stage quest, so why not get started?

You can see the quest icon at the lower left-hand side of the game. It’ll look something like this:

Click on the quest icon will bring up the quest window, which will display your current quest, your quest progress and objectives. The first Winter Wonderland Quest window looks like this:

As shown, the quest objectives are to:
  • Place a Winter Workshop on your farm and
  • Buy 1 Candy Arch, which you can get in the Market.
You’ll see a green checkmark by the objectives you’ve already finished. You can click “Okay” to close the window; the icon will still appear on the lower left.

Once these objectives are all reached you’ll see the completion window:

And once you close that window, the prizes will automatically be given to you (in this instance, the Pine Tree will go into your Gift Box) and you’ll return to your farm. You also have the option to Share the special gift (the Pine Tree) with your friends by making a post to your feed.

A new icon will show up if there is a next part to the Winter Wonderland Quest (there are a few more to do):

Here you can see three quest objectives; for this one you can see I’ve already added some parts to my Winter Workshop but haven’t gotten the new snow blanket for my farm, or acquired the holiday lights. For these, you can see that you have the option of posting a request to your feed, asking for Holiday Lights (“Ask Friends”) or you can simply purchase these lights for 10 Farm Cash (“Skip FV 10”). These should show up in your Gift Box (they won't be immediately credited against the quest objective if you get them from friends).

The rest of the Winter Wonderland Quests are similar in structure, but we don’t want to give it all away—you should experience it for yourself!
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

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