Saturday, December 4, 2010

FarmVille UCSF Charity Event Guide including Candy Cane Crop Guide

In case you hadn't heard, we are planting hope with the new Candy Cane Crop this Holiday Season! For a limited time, donate and receive a one week permit to grow Candy Canes! Candy Canes give more XP, can be mastered and will never wither.

Zynga will donate 100% of all proceeds from Candy Cane sales to support the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Oh, and if you buy a permit, you get a special prize too--one you can share!

Getting your Candy Cane Permit

If you’ve seen our previous Sweet Seeds charity for Haiti, the Candy Cane crop for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital works very closely with that. You can only plant the Candy Cane crop by purchasing a special one-week Permit in the Market. You can find the Candy Cane crop by clicking on the “Seeds & Trees” tab, then click on the “Seeds” sub-category. 

Click on the “Donate” button to buy a Permit (if you’ve already bought a Permit, the button will change to “Buy” with a 15 coin icon next to it).

You can choose how much in Farm Cash you wish to donate in order to acquire the Permit—25, 55, or 240 Farm Cash. You won’t receive any extra bonuses for donating more Farm Cash; the options are there for you to donate more Farm Cash if you so wish. Once the week is done, you will need to purchase another Permit if you want to continue planting Candy Cane.

As you can see the Candy Cane is a pretty good crop. It’ll cost 15 coins to plant, and you’ll get 100 coins for harvesting (as well as 2 XP for each plot harvested). The Candy Cane will be ready to harvest in just 4 hours. Candy Cane is Masterable, and it never withers!

Zynga will donate 100% of all the proceeds from these Permit sales to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. You can read more about the charity at

Planting Candy Cane and Other Notes

Note that when you purchase a Permit you get a notice for a special prize:

You can choose to “Share” the prize by posting a note on your wall, or you can “Skip” the notice altogether. Either way, the special prize will now be in your Gift Box.

Planting the Candy Cane works like any other crop; you can choose to buy a plot individually from the Market or you can plant multiple plots at once using a vehicle such as the Combine. 

There’s also a new Co-Op available for Candy Cane crops:

While you need to have a Candy Cane Permit in order to start or join a Co-Op from inside the game. The object of the Co-Op is to grow 1,000 Candy Cane (Gold Medal: 1 day; Silver: 2 days; Bronze: 3 days) in the time allotted.

The Candy Cane crop will leave the market on December 14.
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

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