Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Master FarmVille Contest #1- Win Farm Cash for your Farm

Master FarmVille is proudly announcing its first FarmVille Contest. Coming straight to the Contest Details:-
Contest Prizes: Prizes for Master FarmVille Contest #1 are as under:
  • Grand 1st Prize ::::: 275 FV Farm Cash (5 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards from Best Buy)
  • Runner-Up 2nd Prize ::::: 165 FV Farm Cash (3 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards from Best Buy)
  • Lovely 3rd Prize ::::: 55 FV Farm Cash (1 x US$10 FarmVille Game Card from Best Buy)

How to enter the contest??? Entering the contest is as simple as breathing ;)
  • Join the group "Master FarmVille Teaches FarmVille" at Facebook
  • Become a Follower of "Master FarmVille" blog (This blog)
  • Answer the following question as a comment to any of the posts on the  "Master FarmVille" blog (This blog). 
    • Question: What is the best thing you like about FarmVille?
      • Every answer must be at least 20+ words.
      • Your answer MUST NOT include any working link in it.
      • You must also mention your Facebook's username
      • You can post one answer DAILY to get more chances to win.
How the Winners will be selected? The winners will be selected by a LUCKY DIP method. So, every entry has an equal chance to win.

Deadline: April 10, 2010
  • You can enter the contest till 11:59 PM on April 10, 2010 (Blog Timings). 
  • Contest winners will be announced on April 11, 2010.
Important note: Contest is Open to all residents of Planet Earth. Age 1+.


Enellah said...


Jane said...

The best thing I like about Farmville is the close community which it has developed. Helping neighbors is a lot of fun.
Facebook profile: Jane

Terry King said...

I adore cute animals and pets at my farm in Farmville. I absolutely love the adorable donkey, owls and ugly ducklings.

Sharon said...

Farmvile is like a gift. I can add my friends and family as neighbors and keep in touch with them on daily bases. I don't get to see some of them very often so being able to play farmville with them is wonderful.
Facebook Profile: Sharon Vandiver - Cox

frenky said...

I love Farmville because it has the social element of gaming in it, it gives a lot of fun to me and my friends in exchanging gifts and helping out with our farms (in feeding the chickens and fertilizing) and gets our social networking more entertaining! I couldn't imagine logging on Facebook and not going on my farm anymore! But I have to say I love your website too, I couldn't play the game properly without reading all the tutorials and news on Master Farmville, the best gaming experience is when combining both-playing Farmville after reading everything on Master Farmville! Keep up the GREAT work and good luck to all contestants in the giveaway! Facebook username: onarf (Frano Barišić)

Livia said...

The best thing about Farmville are the endlessly addictive possibilities to procrastinate the real work you should be doing. :)
Farmville = ♥
Facebook Profile: Livia Anthes

Mary Ann Chandler said...

Love the various aspects of being a virtual farmer and using one's common sense in making and spending money; not to mention using one's creative side in landscaping one's land; thesocial networking neighbors begin to seem like real friends.

Nathan Tu said...

Farmville and its social ability to draw people together is one of the best things about the amazing game. Combined with the complex yet simple farming idea makes it the best game on Facebook. It is without doubt, my favourite game and it always helps me to feel a lot better when I feel a bad emotion. Also, the 'limited edition' idea is a perfect way to keep people on all the time (I admit, I do that all the time)It is extremely entertaining to me and I can't help but just play farmville every single time I get on facebook. Putting Farmville on facebook is just a pure genius idea, making it the best and most fav game in the entire universe and I can't imagine giving it up!

Nathan Tu said...

(Can you add this to my other comment)

Facebook Profile Username: Nathan Tu

Nathan said...

I absolutely love the fact that Farmville has a farm feature (quite simple yet effective) and the fact that it gives great service and to help those in need such as Haiti. Also, the social network is a great way to bring everyone all over the world together bringing an estimate 1% of Earth's population under the influence of Farmville! The best part is the way Farmville actually CARE about the people who are playing the game and strive to help them enjoy the game a lot more :)

Facebook account: Nathan Tu, nathan_things@hotmail.com

Nathan Tu said...

(Second post [Yeah, i'm pretty desperate for cash and it says I can post daily]

Farmville is great because of its simplicity and effective yet fun way of getting the most out of farmville. It also is an excellent game for those who go to school and work because they can just plant from 2 hours crops to 4 day crops. Many can easily fit this into their time slot, making the game easy to play as well as being a great way of keeping people's mind off things.

Nathan Tu said...

[3rd one]

Farmville is one of the best games around no doubt about it. I enjoy every aspect of Farmville and I love it all! From even the simplest of strawberries to large buildings such as the Eiffel Tower and the overwhelming amount of people who play it. Also the large amount of people who buy cash everyday for their beloved Farmville game. Every single part of Farmville is my favourite!

Facebook username: Nathan Tu

jadre24@live.com said...


Who doesn't love Farmville!!! Im A huge but huge but very very very huge fan of farmville.!!!
What I love the most of farmville is that while you are playing you feel like you are really on the farm.You get out of the real world and get in your farm.You can play with you're friends too!!
Another thing is the animals, there are a lot of varieties of animals to play with.OHHH, I cant forget of the palnts and fruitsits awesome to plant crops and have to be entering to the farm constantly!☺☻♥ I also love thtime when farmville does things like looking for eggs or gold or gifts is VERY FUN!! If i keep talking about farmville i had to stay till tomorrow so better get going!!! Thanks for making this game!!!♥♥♥♥!!!

ps. Sorry for the mistakes i talk sapnish!!!

Remember tha tmy facebook adress is Jadre24@live.com

Bruno said...

I love farmville because I like to decorate my farm with buildings ,plant stuff, find the locked mystery box, receive my frinds gifts.

warmaster said...

Well Zynga just wont let us have an easy choice as of which is the best thing fetaured on FarmVille. There are so many! But having to choose only one i would say it's the large buildings such as Eifel tower, windmill, museum, castle. All this give a special touch to the farm and the hall experience with the game!
Facebook Profile: Valentinos Efstathiou

Nathan Tu said...

[4th One]

Farmville updates are one of the best thing about Farmville. Everyone knows around WHEN it will update, they just don't know WHAT it will be. As such, the farmville dog has been an instant hit as many have brought the dog immediately after finding out it is out. Updates are full of surprises and podcasts help to give people 'clues' about all the updates.

Facebook Username: Nathan Tu (nathan_things@hotmail.com)

luke said...

I LOVE FARMVILLE IT IS GREAT.BUT NOW AFTER USING MASTER FARMVILLE MY FARM LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER AND OUT OF ALL MY NEIGHBOURS MINE LOOKS THE BEST.FARMVILLE IS THE BEST BECAUSE IT IS ADDICTIVE FUN PACKED AND INTERESTING,AND WELl......the best.I would just lie to say im playing farmville forever!!.My mum has to feeling any me to keep me away from farmville,therefore another astonishing game zynga.

warmaster said...

[POST2] Choosing another fine thing form FarmVille i would say it's the new fetaure called co-op farming. Where you cooperate with your neighbors to complete jobs to achive a reward. Now we have new perpose within the game which is so much fun!
Facebook Profile: Valentinos Efstathiou

Kim Mitchell said...

I think Farmville is a great way to end the day, when you are stressed and sick of the rat race, you can sit down, feed your animals, tend to your farm & crops and just start to relax. The benefits of being able to unwind, talk to neighbours and friends from across the world is amazing. My daughter introduced Farmville to me, and now I am a Farmville Junkie at 50 years young. There is no age limit, no special abilities, only the ability to get on a computer and have fun. I love not knowing what zynga will come up next. I love being able to get special gifts from my neighbours but also send them in return. They know if they need anything, to just let me know. Its like living within a beautiful close-knit community without having to take any risks of really getting to know someone. If only the real world was as caring and helpful - what a wonderful world we would have. We actually do in FARMVILLE. Thanks. Kim Mitchell

dyylannn said...

My favorite part of Farmville is the decorating aspect. I really like to make my farm look awesome; I remodel every few weeks... it's a lot of work but I love it :D

Facebook name: Dylan Everett

Misty said...

The best thing about Farmville is that it is a great way to meet and connect with people all around the world. Its also been a place that I have been able to reconnect with some of my childhood friends and family that I had lost touch with for nearly 20 years now. Thank you Farmville.

phamm71 said...

My favorite part of Farmville is the interaction between friends and neighbors. They are always trying to help each other. I also like decorating my farm to make it look like a small community ... complete with store, post office, school and library.

Palrox said...

i honestly don't know why i keep playing but there must be something that keeps drawing me back... trying to always become the #1 farmer of my friends...

Username: palrox

Nathan Tu said...

[4th One]

What I really love about Farmville is the crops. There are so many varieties that can be picked to be grown and they aren't exactly something that can all be mastered in 1 day or even a month or 2. This really keeps many going for ages and ages because most of them want to get to level 70 and master all the crops as well as buying everything that comes out before that happens. So many people have worked so hard to get all the crops mastered and some of them have actually succeeded. This is a great way to spread the word and joy of Farmville around.

Faceboo Username: Nathan Tu (nathan_things@hotmail.com)

Nathan Tu said...

(actually my other one was the 5th one)

Master said...

For the last 24 hours of the contest, you can even enter the contest without becoming a fan or follower of the Facebook Page and Master FarmVille Blog.
Just leave a comment anywhere on the blog and your name will be entered in the Lucky Dip for the contest prizes.
Best of Luck to all Farmers.
Results will be announced tomorrow

Kumarz said...

Farmvile is a lovely change in our busy lives. It relaxes our nerves and keeps us stay in touch with pals and relatives.
Sending gifts is my favourite feature among all others.
Ravi Kumar (Facebook)

tristan said...

this is my frist fv contest i have enterd.what i love about fv planting harvisting amnils and i love decrating my farm and to expand my farm playing it is just fun i love giting money name tristan user name tristan.corley@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

user name tristan.corley@yahoo.com name tristan i love decorating my farm harvisting anmalis is kinda fun mortly i love to expand my fv and geting fc

Anonymous said...

What I love about Farmville is that its a relaxing game to play and I love decorating my farm.

FB: notofthisworld or notofthisworld_1973@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I love to decorate and see what new houses and decorations they come up with.


I go by destiny1952

troyiscoy said...

Hope it isn't too late to enter again!

I really love the new lotus crop for the Far East theme. Water crops are awesome, and this one is just so beautiful! I wish it were permanent--too many limited edition crops lately!

Profile: Dylan Everett

Nathan Tu said...

[6th One]

What I extremely love about Farmville is the enormous amount of time put into farming. Many people will think "yeah this will be quick" but in fact will take quite long to keep up a good looking yet functioning farm. Everyone who is addicted to it know that they must commit time into playing Farmville and it does take up quite a lot of space on their timetables. Many people will try extremely hard to impress their friends, have a good time or even to compete against their friends. What I'm saying is that Farmville is a genius idea that was everyone all over the world begging for more!

Facebook Username: Nathan Tu (again). (I have 103 friends)

Anonymous said...

i love Farvile, because i can have myself garden and i can help my neighbors. it is very fun. i love Farmville!

lalaine alejandrino said...

i love farmville's great graphics and fantastic products for every season! this game is a good stress balancer when taking time off from work. Keep it up!

Mary said...

I absolutely love FarmVille. It keeps me busy when I would otherwise be bored with every day life. I love the graphics, animations, etc., etc. Thanks for a fun game and the ability to know people around the world.


Tülay Bilen Yavuz said...

i hated farmville at the first. my friends were playing and sending me request which i always ignored. once i accept the request cause i wanted to see how it works...and since this i´am addicted to farmville! fertilize neighbours crops, sending gifts, collect the items...everything! i really LOVE everything cause it´s a lot of fun!
My facebook name: Tülay Bilen Yavuz
My farmville id:http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/index.php?visitId=555717047

la12763@yahoo.com said...

playing farmville is my favorite time of the day after a hard day's work on duty and at home with the family...here i can build my ultimate farm dream with its perfect graphics... love showing it to my friends...great!

Chris Wolfe said...

What do i love about farmvile? Well what i love about farmville is how you get to customize your own farm however you would like with lots of different animals and items. It gives me a way to use my creativity, designing skills, and somethin to do when i cant find anything else to do.
My facebook profile is: Christopher Tyler Wolfe

Anonymous said...

I like most about Farmville that I have so many options to decorate and redecorate my farm over and over again. And I must admit I'm a bit proud of what I have achieved :-) It's wonderful to get results so quickly.

Anonymous said...

What I really like about FarmVille is the possibility to decorate and redecorate my Farm and to change it all over again. I love to make some major changes according to new items in the market or new options :-) I must admit I'm proud of what I have achieves so far. It's wonderful to get results so quickly

Anonymous said...

Awesome never boring and never the same old thing it always changes. That's why I Love Farmville, Plus our neighbors Are THE BEST!!

doctor said...

i loved farmville from the first my friend tagged me at a photo
i loved to be farm...
i loved to care my farm, my animel and all of thing from my farm even my farm still smaller than my other neighbour
and, thanks for zynga who give me an inspiration from farmville

my profille: eimiz principle de-loscielos

Anonymous said...

Farmville is such a great time waster. I love it...I am in my own little world when I am farming. I have met a lot of really nice people from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

The best thing I like about Farmville is the close community which it has developed. Helping neighbors is a lot of fun.
I LOVE FARMVILLE!!! sandeep.ghag@gmail.com

Master said...

After a long delay, finally the results of Master FarmVille Contest #1 have been announced. Go to http://master-farmville.blogspot.com/2010/04/results-of-master-farmville-contest-1.html for the results.
Congrats to the Winners!!!

Sukhvinder said...

The decorations and the buildings

Sukhvinder said...

Very nice game

I adore cute animals and pets at my farm in Farmville.
I love Farmville because it has the social element of gaming in it, it gives a lot of fun to me and my friends in exchanging gifts and helping out with our farms (in feeding the chickens and fertilizing) and gets our social networking more entertaining! I
I like farmville

Kathryn said...

Farmville is how I wake up in the morning, and go to sleep at night. And, the Birthday cupcakes were great and calorie free!

Rossana said...

I love and enjoy being a farmer in Farmville as it is impossible in my real life as well as having a pet :)
FB name: Jeab Rossana

jhongjhong baculna pales said...

,,,one thing i love playing farmville the seems to be endless!i think everyday zynga updating it just to give us qUality playing experience!farmville is full of new things,an adventure and challenges that giving us an extra ordinary experience and fun!thats why i love farmville and im addicted to it,,!!jhongjhong baculna pales.

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