Friday, March 5, 2010

FarmVille Puppy or FarmVille Dog??? Who is Coming your Way?

The future release of FarmVille Puppy was announced by Lexilicious in a recent FarmVille Podcast but still FarmVille Fans are waiting anxiously for these cute puppies. Recently the following loading screen was witnessed on the game and everyone is expecting that finally the curtain will be raised from the cute FarmVille Puppy or may be a smaller version of FarmVille Dog.
What do you think is coming your way?
The more important question is that "How will the farmers be able to buy those FarmVille Puppies or dogs?"  If it is a huge amount of Farm Cash FVs then I doubt that it will be worth the wait.
What do you say? Will you buy FarmVille Puppy or FarmVille Dog for 56 FV?

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