Saturday, March 20, 2010

Links for Sending French Maison Items to Friends

It is always furustrating when your FarmVille friends ask you for a particular item and you do not find it in your FarmVille Free Gifts Section.
So, here is a short cut for getting the required items for your farm if you are missing any particular item.

Underneath are the links to getting the particular gift. You can use the link to send the required item to your FarmVille Neighbors or ask your neighbors to use the links to send you the items which you are missing. Isn't it cool?
This way you will not be required to wait for that particular item to show up in your Free Gift List which is limited to 2 Items per day only. You can click on the next below the images to send the particular item.

To read more about "How to Build The Maison French Farmhouse", you can visit this link.

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Noel said...

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