Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FarmVille Mystery Box - Light blue and pink released!

On 31st March, FarmVille has released its latest edition of Mystery Box - This time it is a light blue and pink mystery box.
The contents of the Light blue and pink Mystery box are also never-seen-before. The Light blue and pink Mystery box can be bought for 16 FV Farm Cash and is available in FarmVille Market for only 7 days.
What are the prizes from FarmVille Light Blue and Pink Mystery Box?
Here is a list of items found so far in the Light blue and pink Mystery box:-

  • Lilly Pad Pond  + 400 XPs
  • Squirrel on tree trunk + 350 XPs (Just a decoration)
  • Horse with Plow + 325 XPs
  • Gnome Sprinkler + 300 XPs
  • Duck with a Kite + 200 XPs
  • RV Camper + 150XPs
Did you like the contents of FarmVille Light Blue and Pink Mystery Box? Have your bought one? What did you get out of yours?

1 comment:

Jenni said...

The best thing I like about farmville besides the soothing planting and plowing, is the fun new things that keep coming out. It's always exciting to see the fun new things that we can do. My FB name is Jennifer Schwartz Cremata :)

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