Saturday, March 20, 2010

FarmVille Puppy Images are out???

Here are extracts from some of the pics as posted by users on FarmVille Official Forums
These images have been posted by FarmVille players who have come across them by chance as these FarmVille Puppies have not been released yet.
Similar to the case of Hot Rod Tractor in the past, these FarmVille Puppies show different price tags for each one of these, but sadly enough all these tags are in FV Farm Cash.

Another FarmVille Puppy in line to be released is a "Border Collie". and here is what it will look like.
In the words of FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious:-
"Pets Teaser

A small percentage of our users will see the new Golden Retriever Puppy in the Market for varying prices. Some users will see the Puppy with a “coming soon” message below the icon in the Market. 
Please know that this is nothing more than a teaser for our newest feature and clicking on this icon will not charge your account any Farm Cash, nor will you receive a Puppy. The prices that the Puppies will be when they are released are not yet finalized."
Will you buy these FarmVille Puppies for Farm Cash? Do you reckon any of these cute puppies will be purchasable for Coins as well?

Can you guess what will be the price of these puppies at the time of release?

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