Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Comment Box in FarmVille - How to use it?

Howdy Farmers!
Now you can communicate with your FarmVille Friends more conveniently. New Comments Box can be used to share feelings about your friends' farms and cows!
It also gives you a sneak peak into ongoing activity like who visited your farm and fertilized your crops, fed your chickens? Who sent you a gift? etc etc.
The complete usage guide for the New Comments Box will be updated soon.

As FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious promised last week's podcast, the latest way of communicating with your FarmVille Friends has been released. Now you can keep up with your FarmVille Neighbors as well as other FarmVille Friends. When you visit your FarmVille Farm, you will be able to see a new icon in the top-right corner of the FarmVille Screen.

By clicking on this button, a new Comment Box will open for you.

The new Comment Box gives your neighbors' a liberty to leave comments for you. Plus, you can also leave comments on your own wall which can be viewed by any visitors visiting your farm.

When you click the icon and you are on your own farm, you will be able to view comments that your FarmVille Neighbors have left for you. Comments will fill in the comments section in the order they were placed. By clicking on the
“Visits” tab in your comment box, you will be able to see who has visited your farm, fertilized your crops, fed your chickens and sent gifts your way.

Whenever you receive a comment or post a comment on your own farm, Avatar bubbles will appear. The avatar bubbles resemble the user’s avatar that left the comment. Once an avatar bubble is clicked they will all disappear and the comments menu will open.
How does "Place a Sign Post" icon works?

From your Comments Menu you can also place a sign post. Simply type what you wish to post and check the “Place a signpost” box. Click the “post” button and you will be able to place a Sign.

How to post Comment or place a Sign Post on your Neighbor's Farm?
If you click the comments icon when visiting a Neighbor’s Farm, you have the option to leave a comment, place a Sign Post or Post a comment to their Facebook profile.


liz said...

I don't like the new icon at all. I don't want to see who visits my farm or the farmers to see who I visit.
Anyway to delete this?

Anonymous said...

i don't like the fact that you will know who visited your farm and every time they visit, i don't people to know how many times i visited their farm either! This really sucks! Please take that feature off! I will stop playing farmville just because of this!!!!

Farmville Hints and Tips said...

This is just like the comment box in Petville that nobody uses. I doubt it will take off in Farmville either.

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I loathe their attempts to force me to sign up for email notifications, and now someone has left me a signpost comment and I have no way to get rid of it without signing up for email notifications.

This does nothing but piss me off.

Bye bye Farmville.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to remove the new icon for comments? Gets in the way of viewing my farm & I don't need updates on who is doing what. You can tell that when you log on your farms or collect your gifts--tells you then who is doing what.

Master said...

At the moment there is no such way to delete the icon from the FarmVille Screen. We are working on it and will tell you guys as soon as we find a way to remove the Comments icon.
I've hardly met anyone who likes this gadget.

Anonymous said...

I hate the "box comment" too, I hated it, please how to deleted it !!!

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