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FarmVille Halloween Costumes and Upgraded Character Guide

Howdy Farmers!
FarmVille has now given you the ability to do more with your Farmer in the game. Now you can use many new types of clothing including shirts, trousers, shoes and other accessories. You can even dress him up for the upcoming Halloween tastefully! 

Q: Where can I find the Clothing items and Halloween Costumes?A: When you visit your inventory, you can find some basic clothing items already waiting for you. More clothes and FarmVille Halloween costumes can be purchased from the market. 

Q:Can I see a preview before purchasing a costume?
A: The best thing is that you can take a preview as to how your farmer will look like in any particular piece of clothing before releasing the payment for it.

Q: Are there any requirements for buying FarmVille Costumes?
A: You only need to be a Level 4 farmer at least!!!

Q: How to get to the Revised Character Customization Window?

A: You can visit the Character Customization window at any time by simply clicking on your character on the Farm. FarmVille Team has also added a little reminder icon on the left side of the screen like the one shown here. The window itself has been re-arranged and revised to reflect the addition of Clothing:

Q: What are the new changes in this Window?
A: The Gender button lets you change your gender as usual. Once you move your mouse over the Facial Features or Clothing buttons, a pull-down menu will appear with all of the different categories for each:

Q: Are there any changes in the Facial Features Section?
A: No! This section works much the same as before. You can enjoy the liberty of changing your face type, hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, mouth, skin tone and facial hair types in many different ways, and ALL FOR FREE. 

Q: What are the new additions in Clothing Section?
A: The Clothing section is split into two halves: what you have currently in your inventory (which does not count against Gift Box or storage space) for each Clothing category, and what’s available for purchase. Remember that what’s available for purchase also depends on your Gender.

You have a few clothing options already provided in your inventory for each category. Just click on the Use button to change clothes on your character (which you can see on the right). To acquire new clothing you can easily check to see what’s available for that clothing category (use the right and left arrows to scroll through the selections if there are more than three). Most categories have a selection of both coin and Farm Cash items:

Q: How can I see a preview of new Clothing items on my Avatar?
A: If you want to see how it looks on your character, click the “Try On” label. If you just want to buy it outright, go ahead and click on the “Buy” button. Make sure you double-check what you’re doing—you don’t want to accidentally buy something you’re merely trying on.

When you’re trying on new clothes the “Purchase Total” counter on the bottom right shows the total accumulated cost of new clothes you’re “trying” out. You can only try out one piece of clothing per category at a time, so you can’t have five bottoms tallied up, for instance. However, you can have one bottom, one shirt, one shoe, one accessory, etc. selected at any one time. Moving your mouse cursor over “Purchase Total” will also show an itemized total of what you’ve selected:

If you want to purchase all that, just click on the “Buy Now” button and everything will be bought. If you don’t, click on the “Reset” button and everything will be returned back to the market (your clothing will return to the state you were in before you starting trying on clothes).

If you’re just changing your clothes around, the changes won’t take until you click on “Save and Close” at the bottom of the window.

Q: What features have been upgraded to Outfits and Costumes?
A: Outfits and Costumes are essentially one-off clothing choices—when you put it on you wear the whole thing, with the exception that you can change your shoes with an Outfit, but not with a Costume. Typically Costumes will also be tied to Limited Edition sets or themes and only available for a certain period (but not always). Here are some Costumes available for Halloween:

Q: What Changes have been made in FarmVille Market to accomodate these changes?
A: You don’t have to go into the Character Customization window to buy new clothes—they’re all available in the Market. We’ve added a new Clothes tab in the Market at the far right. Click on that, and you can see all of the Clothing categories and purchase options. If click on the “Try it on?” label you will be transported to the Character Customization window.

Q: Can I get a New Ribbon for Buying new Clothing items?
A: Yes! A brand new "Style Maven" Ribbon has been added to the list of ribbons. You can easily earn it. For details please visit "FarmVille Style Maven Ribbon"

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