Sunday, October 17, 2010

FarmVille Halloween Candy Basket Guide

The wait is finally over and Halloween Candy Baskets are now available! With these Baskets you can redeem your accumulated Candy for special Halloween items unavailable anywhere else. Plus, if you still don’t have enough, you can still get more!

If you’ve seen our other collection baskets before (like the recent Haiti backpack) this one works very much the same way. Put the Halloween Candy in the basket, and you can then redeem the Candy for one of six cool new Halloween-themed items. Be sure to use your Candy now, because they could be going away soon after Halloween. 

Using your Candy Basket

You’ll get your Candy Basket the next time you launch FarmVille after the update, and you’ll be put right into Placement Mode (alternatively you can also buy it in the Market). Once you’ve placed the Candy Basket on your farm, click on it, then select “Look Inside” to open up the Candy Basket Window.

Here you can see how much Candy you’ve placed in the Basket (at first there won’t be any because you have to put them in the Basket from the Gift Box), the prizes you’ve unlocked and how much Candy you’ll need to redeem for them, the option to Buy additional Candy or ask friends for more, and a button to the Comparison window.

Once you start putting Candy in the Basket, the meter on the left will grow. Total Candy indicates how much Candy you’ve put in all together, while Candy Available shows how much you have left to spend. Click on the green “Redeem” button on each item you wish to purchase (assuming you have enough Candy, if you don’t the button will be greyed out). All purchased items will go straight into the Gift Box—and you’ll get the option to share an extra one with your friends!

The Candy Basket on the farm will also grow in size depending on how much Total Candy you’ve accumulated. Here are the sizes and the titles that go with them:

If you didn’t manage to collect enough Candy, don’t fret. You can still get more by visiting your own or neighbors’ Haunted Houses. In addition, you can use the “Ask For Candy” button in the Candy Basket window to ask your friends for more, or the “Buy Candy” button which will confirm that you want to spend 5 Farm Cash for 5 pieces of Candy. Finally you can give your friends and neighbors Candy with the Free Gifts button and finding the Candy option:

Finally, the Comparison button will show you how your ability to accumulate Candy compares with all your neighbors. 
Source: Official Zynga Forums

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