Sunday, November 28, 2010

FarmVille Unreleased 28 x 28 Expansion

Are you running out of space on your farm? Or you need more room on your farm then keep your fingers crossed as Master FarmVille brings to you the unreleased pictures of FarmVille 28 x 28 Expansion.
Yes! I really mean 28 x 28 FarmVille Expansion and there are all the likely chances that soon you will be able to upgrade your farm to 28 x 28, so that you will be able to accommodate more animals, crops, trees, etc on your Farm.
So Are you ready for a 28 x 28 FarmVille expansion? What else do you want? Anything???

FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend is still here

Here is just a friendly reminder that FarmVille Double Mastery Weekend will end today. So go ahead right away and find the maximum mastery stars for your crops.

Have you got what it takes to be a Master FarmVille?

Check out FarmVille Farm of the Week!


Here is the latest FarmVille Farm of the Week for the last week's event. You can also submit your farm picture in order to get a chance to win exclusive prizes and Free Farm Cash! Check out their farm down below and be sure to enter next week's contest for your chance to win!

FarmVille Chicken Coop Expansion Guide


FarmVille has introduced an additional two rounds of expansions to the FV Chicken Coop! Previously there was a possibility to place 60 chickens in your coop only but with the latest update you can conveniently place 100 chickens in your coop. 
You will need to upgrade your coop twice more to upgrade it to keep 100 chickens and convert your coop in a "Super Coop".
How to Upgrade your FV Chicken Coop to "Super Coop"?
The mechanic for expanding the Coop is the same as previous. Click on the Chicken Coop, and then choose “Expand Storage”:
You’ll see this Storage Expansion page, where you can see all of the storage buildings currently on your farm, as well as access to your stored Inventory and the option to expand that storage (you can also get to this screen by accessing your Storage Cellar/Barn):-
Your Chicken Coop can be expanded in two ways:-
  • The “Expand” button – asks you to make a post about a barn raising. Ten of your neighbors will need to click on the feed post over the next three days to create the expansion.
  • The “Buy” button—instead of the barn raising, you can purchase the next expansion for 10 Farm Cash.

Each expansion increases the number of chickens the coop can hold by 20. If you had previously expanded your coop to sixty before the added expansions, you can now expand two times more, each expansion adding the ability to hold twenty more chickens.
Once you have the ability to store one hundred chickens, your Chicken Coop now becomes the Super Coop. So have you upgraded yours?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unreleased FarmVille Animals - Candy Cane Pony and Candy Cane Foal

Here is another addition to the never-ending list of Unreleased FarmVille Animals. It is another brand new and colorful breed of FV Pony Horses.
It will surely turn out to be a nice addition to your farm during the colorful holiday season.

NoteThe images in this post are the property of Zynga and will be released as and when desired by Zynga. They are hosted on Official FarmVille Servers.

Unreleased FarmVille Animals - Paint Horse and Paint Foal

Here is another addition to the never-ending list of Unreleased FarmVille Animals. It is another brand new and colorful breed of FV Horses.
Witness the birth of a Paint Foal and this one seems quite heavy ;)

It will definitely add nice colors to your FV Horse Stable.
Note: The images in this post are the property of Zynga and will be released as and when desired by Zynga. They are hosted on Official FarmVille Servers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FarmVille Updated Market Guide

The Market has been completely updated! We’ve integrated a lot more functionality to the FarmVille Market, added some new features, and streamlined the user interface to give you a much more enjoyable shopping experience. 

Note: Currently only some of you will see the new Market while we make sure everything is working properly. Don’t worry, soon enough you will all get access to it!

Black Rose seeds: Right now the giftable Black Rose seeds are not showing up in the updated Market. You haven’t lost them, they’re just not displaying—we’ll get that fixed soon.

Navigating the Updated Market

You can access the Market by simply clicking on the Market button at the bottom right of the FarmVille screen as always. The Market is now divided into seven categories:

  • Specials
  • Seeds & Trees
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Decorations
  • Farm Aides
  • Clothes

The first time you see the Market you’ll be on the Specials tab by default, though afterwards you’ll be first shown whichever tab you were on the last time you used the Market. The Specials tab is arranged a little differently than the others; you are shown three special items we’d like you to know about, like the Mystery Game, specific Limited Edition theme sets, or other new features. If they are sets of items you can click on the “View” button to look through those selections; other features like the Mystery Game will have a “Play Now!” button that’ll bring you directly to it. 

All purchasable items (including Limited Edition theme and other timed items) are split up into the other six categories. You can easily navigate between these categories just by clicking on them. Each category is also split into a number of sub-categories, depending on the category. By default you’ll always be on the “All” subcategory, which displays everything in that category.

Each Market display page shows up to six items; if there are more than six, you’ll see arrows on the right- or left-hand side of the window that you can click on to move between the pages of items. Each item entry has all the information you’re used to seeing in the old Market, including Buy and Sell prices, harvest times, XP gain, how much time left to purchase that item (if it’s on a timer), the Limited Edition theme it’s a part of (if applicable) and an icon representing the item. If the icon has a “?” symbol on the upper left, it’s usually a special item (like a buildable structure) and you can move your mouse over the “?” to see the longer description. An item that cannot be purchased will show the “Locked” image in place of the “Buy” button; moving your mouse over this will tell you why you can’t buy it. The “Send” button will also appear for certain items that you can buy and immediately send to a neighbor.

You’ll also see a “Preview” button under the icon for many of the items. 

Clicking this will pop up a new window and show the item on a farm field next to a typical avatar, empty farm plot and a hay bale (for size purposes). This way you can see exactly what it’d look like on your farm.

For Clothes we use the “Try On” button, which will bring you to the Character Customization window. 

To the right of the line of sub-category boxes you’ll see the “Sort By” pull-down menu. Here you can select how you want to sort and display the items in that sub-category. For instance, if I click on “Seeds & Trees” and then “Sort By”, I’ll see that I can display all of the seeds and trees in ten different ways such as Lowest Price, Longest Harvest Time, etc. Here we’ve sorted everything by Shortest Harvest Time:

Not all categories will have all of these sorting options, however. The sort method will stay the same as long as you stay in the sub-category, so if you select to sort by “Mastery Level” for “All” on “Seeds & Trees”, this type of sorting will stay as you move through “Fruits”, “Grains”, etc. until you change the way the information is sorted or you change categories.

The last new feature you’ll see with the new Market is the “Best Sellers” strip at the very bottom. Here you can see some of the top selling items in FarmVille at that moment. Moving your mouse cursor over each item will show all the standard information about that item mentioned above, including the “Preview” and “Buy” buttons.
Source: Official Zynga Forums

Unreleased FarmVille Mythical Creatures

If you love FarmVille Animals then you are sure to love these Mythical Creatures which are supposed to make room in the game in near future. They are likely to be released as part of FarmVille Agricultural Alchemy Limited Edition Animals but it is not final and is subject to change as per the discretion of the Zynga Gods.

Which Mythical Animal do you love the most in FarmVille Unreleased Animals?
Do you want any other Mythical Creatures to make way to the game? CAN YOU GUESS THEIR NAMES TOO? Leave Comments?

FarmVille Free Farm Cash for Supporting Small Businesses

If you have not found out yet then be on the look out for a similar item under your FarmVille Game screen to get 2 Free Farm Cash for supporting Small Businesses.
These small increments in your Free Farm Cash can make a huge difference in the longer run, if you DO NOT like to spend real money for buying Farm Cash. Have you found yours?

FarmVille Video - Agriculture Alchemy Theme Showcase

Here is a magnificent FarmVille video revealing the beautiful FarmVille LE Agriculture Alchemy Themed Items and tricks. So head out straight to the Official Video by FarmVille on Youtube:
I am already in love with these flying things. Are you too?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Latest FarmVille Podcast - Nov 19, 2010

Here is the latest FV Podcast as released on 19 Nov 2010:
See the FarmVille Podcast - Nov 19, 2010 video below"

You can also read the complete transcription below:-
FarmVille Podcast - Nov 19, 2010:

Friday, November 19, 2010

FarmVille Thanks Giving Basket Guide

It’s the season to give thanks in FarmVille and what better way of doing that than distributing some tasty Dishes to your neighbors and collecting enough to redeem some exclusive prizes along the way? Place your Thanksgiving Basket today and start the feast right away!

You’ll get your Thanksgiving Basket for free the first time you play FarmVille after the update, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Thanksgiving Basket on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later. You’ll need to be level 5 or higher in order to place and use the Thanksgiving Basket.

Dishing Out the Goods

Once the Thanksgiving Basket is on the farm you can click on it, then select “Look Inside” and you’ll see this window:

The Thanksgiving Basket works like many of the other “basket”-type events in FarmVille. You can gather various Dishes and put them into the basket and then redeem these Dishes for one of six exclusive prizes like the “Thank Ewe” and “Harvest Fountain”.

You can acquire Dishes by:
  • Requesting a Dish from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for Dishes” button).
  • Receive a Dish from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page.
  • Purchase 5 Dishes at a time by clicking on the “Buy Dishes” button (for 5 Farm Cash).
  • Opening a Special Delivery Box.
  • Harvesting your Turkey Roost.

As you gather the Dishes in your Gift Box, just click on the “Use” button and they’ll go into your Thanksgiving Basket. The corn meter will fill up on the left side of the basket window as you add in more Dishes. You can click on the “Comparison” button to compare how many Dishes you’ve accumulated with your neighbors.

The five Dishes that are available (and can be gifted) are:

Each counts as a Dish and it doesn’t matter which you Redeem for prizes. To get a prize, simply click on the “Redeem” button next to the prize you want—if you have enough Dishes (the available number of Dishes is at the top of the window) you’ll be asked to confirm the purchase, and if you hit “Accept” the prize will be stored in your Gift Box:

The look of the Thanksgiving Basket on the farm and your event “title” also changes depending on how many Dishes you’ve accumulated:

If you sell the Thanksgiving Basket, you can purchase a new one for 5,000 coins in the Market. After December 1, 2010 you will no longer be able to gift additional Dishes, ask for additional Dishes, or purchase Dishes with Farm Cash from the Market. The Thanksgiving Basket will also be removed from the Market and Dishes will no longer be available with the Special Delivery Box.
Source: Official Zynga Forums

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get Free Unlimited FarmVille Items HERE

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If you have always lagged behind your friends in claiming FarmVille neighbor rewards
Your Horse stable and dairy farms are not producing enough consumables
then you have reached the right place. And this is NOT A SCAM!!
Click on the pictures below to get the shown item. Isn't it easy???

 ..... So all you have to do is to click on the items and then claim your FREE FARMVILLE ITEMS.
Oh! I have forgotten to tell you another working FarmVille Glitch. To know the glitch, please click below:-

This post requires continuous updation because of frequently expiring links. Please leave a comment if any of the FREE gifts are not working. Thanks

FarmVille Country Fair 50% Clearance Sale

FarmVille has announced a 50% Clearance Sale on Limited Edition Country Fair items for a limited time only.
So go ahead and celebrate the fall harvest with the Country Fair collection. You can get all LE Country Fair Items at 50% of Farm Cash value.
Which one will you like to get?
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