Thursday, April 29, 2010

FarmVille South-Western Themed Animals - Road Runner and Lynx Shown

Here is a magnificent FarmVille Loading Screen showing two new FarmVille South-Western Themed Animals - Road Runner and Lynx Shown for the first time. Both of these animals have not been released so far and remain UNRELEASED FarmVille Animals.
Would you like to feature FarmVille Lynx and FarmVille Road Runner on your farm?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FarmVille Scams: Have we gone insane after FarmVille?

Update on 29 Apr 2010:
The FarmVille Bonus XP Scam Application and Page has been removed by Facebook after thousands of Users reported it as Facebook Scam. By the way, last time I had a look some hours ago, it had more than 500,000+ Users who liked it.

Original Post in 28 Apr 2010:
Different websites and fan blogs have been informing us about various FarmVille Scams, especially on Facebook Fan Pages.
Here is just a fun view of the latest of these scams - Yes! Here is the page of FarmVille Bonus XP and it is an absolute FarmVille SCAM. It promises to give away UPTO 1000 XPs as a Bonus but no one has received anything from them. (I know most of you will still give it a try - just in case ;)   ).
I will just give you some interesting details on the page:
FarmVille Bonus XP Scam Fan Page was created today on 28 Apr 2010 at around 02:00 AM EDT.
It posts a message very similar to FarmVille Messages. The logo is the same as used by FarmVille however instead of "via FarmVille" it says "via Bonus XP" - as shown in the image below.
The application went so VIRAL that by 04:00 AM EDT the application managed to get 10,000 fans who liked the page and after 4 more hours it had more than 68,000 fans.
After next 2 hours,  the fans of the page had increased to 124,000+.
Next 2 hours passed and the fan count increased to 171,000+.
By the end of next 2 hours, the fans had increased to 215,000+.
It means that with in 10 hours of launching of the Scam Application Bonus XP, it had more than 215,000 Fans.
And by the time I wrote this post, the fan count has already reached 233,000+.

Isn't it interesting how crazy everyone is about Farmville???

And the BEST part is that NO ONE has got anything from it - NOT even Farm Cents. ;)
I just want your comments on the issue: Have we gone insane after FarmVille?

FarmVille Pink and Purple Mystery Box Released


On 27 April 2010, Facebook's FarmVille released a brand new Mystery Box which is pink in color with a purple ribbon.
 FarmVille Pink and Purple Mystery Box can be bought from FarmVille Market for 16 FV for next 7 days, as it is a Limited Edition Mystery Box like all its counterparts.
Following items can be found from FarmVille Pink and purple Mystery Box:-

  • Lavender Victorian + 400 XP
  • Purple Mane Pony + 350 XP 
  • Sphynx + 300 XP
  • Purple Frog + 250 XP
  • Antique Cart + 150 XP
  • Garden Statue + 150 XP

Thanks to members at Official FarmVille Forum for the above images.
What did you get from your FarmVille Mystery Box? To show off the pictures of your Mystery Box contents, you can send your entries to

FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts Updated

With a massive update on 27 April 2010, there has also been a change in the outcomes of FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts which is a Purple Box with Yellow Question Marks.
Now you can get any of these gifts from these FarmVille Free Mystery Gifts:-

  • Garden Sun Dial 
  • Jackfruit Tree
  • Small Moss Rock
  • Black Pig
  • Stone Planter
  • Little Yellow Wagon
  • Fancy Topiary
  • No Gopher Sign
  • No Crows Sign
  • Weather Vane

FarmVille Adobe Themed Items Released

After Far East Themed Items, now Facebook's FarmVille has released South-Western Themed Items for FarmVille including Adobe Themed Items.
There have been 8 South-Western Themed Items added to FarmVille Market. Here is a list of these items:-
  • FarmVille Animal - Jackrabbit
  • FarmVille Buildings 
    • Adobe Farmhouse
    • Adobe barn (With Storage Capacity of upto 22 items)
    • Adobe Shed (With Storage Capacity of upto 15 items)
  • FarmVille Decorations
    • Adobe Wall
    • Adobe Ladder
    • Saguaro Cactus
    • Barrel Cactus

Are you willing to buy these items for FV Farm Cash? What all did you buy? You can submit the photos of your farm to and they can be featured here.

Start Plantation in FarmVille Desert Plains Now!!!

After green pastures and snowy white lands, now FarmVille gives you an opportunity to plant crops in Desert Plains as well.
For a mere 1000 Coins, you can convert your farms to FarmVille Desert Plains. If you do not like the look then, feel free to come back to your greenry for another 1000 coins.
Here is how your Farm will look like - Just an example:

Have you transformed your land to Desert Plains? Did you like it or not?

Zynga's FarmVille sends a Bottle as a Gift

Perhaps Zynga's FarmVille is becoming more and more miser, as instead of sending a larger gift they have started sending "Bottles" as gifts.

Have you got any such gift from Zygna's farmVille?

FarmVille Llama has lost his way - Next Lost Animal is Llama

FarmVille Llama is the next lost animal in the game. You can find Llama in your friends' feed only and not anywhere in FarmVille Market or gifts so far.
In the words of Wikipedia:

"The llama (Lama glama) is a South American camelid, widely used as a pack and meat animal by Andean cultures since pre-hispanic times. In popular culture llamas are mostly associated with the Incans and Peru.
The height of a full-grown, full-size llama is between 1.7 meters (5.5 ft) and 1.8 meters (6 ft) tall at the top of the head. They can weigh between approximately 130 kilograms (280 lb) and 200 kilograms (450 lb). At birth, a baby llama (called a cria) can weigh between 9.1 kilograms (20 lb) and 14 kilograms (30 lb). Llamas are very social animals and like to live with other llamas as a herd. Overall, the fiber produced by a llama is very soft and is naturally lanolin free. Llamas are intelligent and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions. When using a pack, llamas can carry about 25% to 30% of their body weight for several miles."
Have you found your FarmVille Llama? How many?
Which FarmVille Lost Animal do you like the most?

FarmVille Doubles your Storage Capacity - Should 200 be enough for you??

As a part of huge Tuesday Update, FarmVille has finally listened to the prayers and cribs of millions of FarmVille Farmers and have DOUBLED your storage capacity to 200 items.
FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious describes the upgrade as:-

“Hey Farmers!

You can store more than ever with the new Storage Expansion! Please find a quick guide on how this feature works below.

Storage Expansion:

You can now increase the capacity of your Storage Buildings. Each of your storage buildings can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade will provide you with 5 extra storage and the second upgrade will provide 7 extra storage. The two upgrades will give you 12 extra storage spaces in total.

There are two ways to expand your Storage.
1)The first way to expand storage is to pay Farm Cash. If you wish to purchase the storage upgrade with FarmVille cash (10 FC), you can do so by clicking the “BUY” button.
2) Alternatively, you can hold a Barn Raising, by clicking the “Expand Storage” button. After choosing to expand your storage, you will receive a pop-up, clicking the “okay” button will allow you to post a feed to your wall.
After posting your feed, you will have 3 days to have 10 of your friends click on your feed. (Each of your friends can help ONCE per day (24 hours). Up to a total of 3 times (once per day) during the Barn Raising. This means you do not necessarily need 10 unique friends.
When you click on a friends feed asking for Barn Raising, you will receive 100 coins.
If you wish to “give up” on the barn raising, you can click the “GIVE UP” button and the barn raising will cease.Please keep in mind that you can only raise 1 storage item at a time.
If you do not manage to get 10 clicks on your feed in three days, you can purchase the storage upgrade at a discounted price equilavent to the amount of clicks you recieved.
The closer you manage to get to 10 clicks, the cheaper it will be to purchase with Farm Cash.” 

Source: Are you SATISFIED with 200 Items in your store? How many days do you need before asking another upgrade in FarmVille Storage Capacity?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FarmVille New Buildings with Purpose for 1000000 Coins Each - Will you buy?

Facebook's FarmVille has already leaked some new buildings with purpose. The following buildings will be used for making various different items from your mastered crops:-

  • FarmVille Winery - makes Wine
  • FarmVille Perfumery - makes Perfumes
  • FarmVille Bakery - makes Pasteries
  • FarmVille Fuel Shop - makes Fuel
In a recent move, these buildings with purpose have been made available to some of the farmers/FarmVille Players with a testing price of 1,000,000 Coins ..... Yes, 1 Million Coins each.

Do you have 4,000,000 Coins to buy a set of these buildings? I wish that their final price is lesser than this; however while viewing at the brighter side of the issue, 1 Million coins are still better than 50 FV - What do you say?

Beautiful FarmVille's Facebook Status Update

Here is a magnificent Facebook Status Update:
Jason(or your name): heard on the radio yesterday ...... a robber broke into a house, and before he left he logged into Facebook to harvest his FarmVille Crops ...... idiot forgot to log off ha ha

FarmVille Gifts for New Neighbors when Adding

In a recent update on Facebook's FarmVille, whenever you add a new neighbor to your farm, you get a chance to send them one of the following gifts:-

  • Whole Fuel Refill
  • Black Chicken
  • 50 XP
  • 5,000 Coins

You will also get the same gift in your gift box.
So what would you like to gift your new neighbors and WHY??

Monday, April 26, 2010

Increased FarmVille Flying Coins - Have you noticed?

With the introduction of FarmVille Hot Rod Vehicles some time ago and different ways for getting Free FarmVille Fuel seems to have increased the chances of finding flying coins on your farm. Recently one of my friends found 4 flying coins simultaneously at his farm while plowing with a Hot Rod Tractor.
Here is a screen shot of the incident:-
Have you noticed any increase in the possibility of getting more Flying Coins or Flying Potatoes on your farms? How many flying coins have you observed at your farm at the maximum?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FarmVille Care Package 2 Released with a White Goat

FarmVille has released a second Care Package. This time, FarmVille Care Package 2 includes:-

  • 1 Can of Fuel
  • 3 FV Cash
  • 1 Unwither
  • A White Goat
If you have not received your FarmVille Care Package by now, you can click on this link to get yours NOW:
You can also click on the image to get your FarmVille Care Package but remember that you can get it ONLY ONCE.

FarmVille Modern, Earth Day and Arbor Day Limited Edition Items released


FarmVille has released more Limited Edition Items for Arbor Day, Modern and Earth Day themes in a recent update:
Here is a glimpse of some of these items released today:-
The list of these Items is as follows:-

  • Modern Limited Edition Items
    • Modern Cottage
    • Modern Home
    • Modern Barn
    • Modern Tool Shed
    • Modern Cabana
    • Modern Vases
    • Modern Bench
    • Modern Chair
    • Modern Fence
    • Wood Planter
    • Short Planter
    • Tall Planter
  • Earth Day Limited Edition Items
    • Polar Bear Cub
    • Gazelle
  • Arbor Day Saplings 
    • Sapling
    • Orange Sapling
    • Lemon Sapling
    • Lime Sapling
    • Apple Sapling
All these Items are available in FarmVille Market for next 14 days.
Which of these items do you love the most?? Polar Bear Cub??? Gazelle??? or do you have a unique choice??

Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Limited Edition Items Released!

To celebrate Earth Day on 22 April 2010, FarmVille has released Special Earth Day themed Limited Edition Items!
Which item do you like the most among the Earth Day Limited Edition Items?

FarmVille Game Cards Loading Screen

Here is the magnificent FarmVille Game Cards Loading Screen.
Isn't it beautiful???
By the way, you can see the results of Master FarmVille Contest #1 by clicking this link, where the first prize was 5 x FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards from Best Buy.

FarmVille Puppies are growing now!!!

If you have fed your FarmVille Puppy for the past 14 days, then now is the time to witness the fruits of your hard work.
Your well fed FarmVille Puppies have transformed into adults after enjoying kibble for 14 days. Adult FarmVille dogs are able to perform fun tricks and actions that can help you out on the farm.

FarmVille Terrier Puppy has been released for 5,000 Coins only

FarmVille has released its 2nd Coin Puppy yesterday. Its a Terrier and can be bought for only 5,000 Coins.
Like all other puppies, you are required to feed him kibble for 14 days to transform it into a beautiful grown up FarmVille Dog.
The only requirement to buy this beautiful Puppy in FarmVille is to have 15 or more neighbors in the game. However, there is a limit to have only 1 Terrier Puppy on your farm.

Have you bought your FarmVille Terrier Puppy? Do you like it?

Results of Master FarmVille Contest #1

We are extremely sorry for the delay caused by some unavoidable circumstances in announcement of the results of Master FarmVille Contest #1. Lucky Dip was carried out today on April 22' 2010 but the entries made before due date/time, i.e, 11:59 PM on April 10, 2010) were included ONLY

We are highly thankful to the huge response of our readers, who took time from their busy routines to take part in the contest.  We shall soon be introducing Master FarmVille Contest #2, as soon as we are ready for it. (You will be informed accordingly soon)
So without going in further details, here are the results of the contest:- 
Contest Results: Results and prizes of Master FarmVille Contest #1 are as under:
  • Grand 1st Prize ::::: Ravi Kumar ::::: 275 FV Farm Cash (5 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards from Best Buy)
  • Runner-Up 2nd Prize ::::: Terry King ::::: 165 FV Farm Cash (3 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards from Best Buy)
  • Lovely 3rd Prize ::::: Jedda Smith ::::: 55 FV Farm Cash (1 x US$10 FarmVille Game Card from Best Buy)

All the winners are requested to contact Master FarmVille at as soon as possible. All prizes will be sent to the winners within 3 days of receiving their postal addresses.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Less than 24 Hours Left for Master FarmVille Contest#1

It is just to remind you that less than 24 hours are left for the close of the contest.
Bonus Offer. For the last 24 hours of the contest, you can even enter the contest without becoming a fan or follower of the Facebook Page and Master FarmVille Blog.

Just leave a comment anywhere on the blog and your name will be entered in the Lucky Dip for the contest prizes. Before leaving a comment, please read the instruction for leaving your comment on "Master FarmVille Contest#1"
Results will be announced tomorrow
Best of Luck to all Farmers.

Official FarmVille Podcast: 9 April 2010

Here you can listen to the latest FarmVille Podcast as released on 9 April 2010.

You can also read the complete transcription of the FarmVille Podcast here:-
Official FarmVille Podcast Transcription - 9 April 2010.

Hey Farmers! Welcome to the Official FarmVille podcast! My name is Lexilicious, and I am the FarmVille Community Manager. This week, we are going to be going over some of our newest releases, I will be answering some User Submitted Questions about the FarmVille team and you guys are all going to get a sneak peek of things coming to FarmVille in the near future.
FarmVille Recent Releases. Well, as I am sure most of you know, this week was absolutely jam packed with releases. From our new Far East Limited Edition items to brand spanking new features and content, the FarmVille team was really looking to impress this week. 
Re-released Old Limited Edition Items. Due to popular demand, early this week we brought back some of our old Limited Edition items as permanent fixtures in the Market, including favorites like the Clydesdale and the Blue Gazing Ball. Our Far East Limited Edition set also kicked off this week featuring some very cool new animals, decorations and even crops. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more great Far East Limited Edition items to add to your farm. We also added a total of 4 new Co-op missions for everyone, including Frantic for Flowers, Stirring things up, Very Berry Field Trip and Tossing Tomatoes.
Duck-Themed Mystery Box. As per usual a new Mystery Box made an appearance this week, featuring some “duck” themed items. Remember, Mystery Boxes can be purchased from the market for 16 Farm Cash. If you are interested in this Ducky Mystery Box, make sure to grab it before it disappears early next week. 
FarmVille Puppies Released. And lastly, this week heralded the release of the long awaited Pets feature! The response from our community about the new puppies has been enormous and we would like to thank you for all of your feedback and opinions the past few days. I have also noticed that there was some initial confusion about how the puppies worked, so I am going to go ahead and give a quick run-down on this feature, which should alleviate any questions or concerns some of you may have.
Puppies can be purchased from the Market for either Farm Cash or coins. Your new puppy will follow you wherever you go, and will eventually become a full grown dog! 
You can purchase the Red Border Collie for 300,000 Coins from the Market. Currently, this is the only breed and color that can be purchased for coins. If you change the color or breed, you will be charged Farm Cash for your purchase. When you click Buy, a pop-up will appear, letting you know that you’ll need to feed your puppy every day in order to keep it from running away. Clicking Okay on this pop-up will take you to the Puppy Customization screen.
At this point, you can pick a Name and gender for your puppy. Once you’re ready to purchase your Red Border Collie, click the Buy button. You’ll receive a popup reminding you to feed your puppy Kibble once every 24 hours, or it will run away.
Once your puppy is placed on your farm, it will run up to you with a thought bubble over its head with Kibble inside. This means that your puppy is hungry and needs kibble!
There is a reason for the numerous pop-ups telling you to feed your pup. In order to keep your puppy from going to the pound, you’ll need to feed it Kibble once every 24 hours for a period of 14 days. Now, there are a few ways you can get Kibble for your furry friend. You can purchase kibble from the Market for 5 Farm Cash or you can ask your friends to send you kibble.
Clicking the “Ask Your Friends” button will give you the option to post a feed that if clicked, will allow three of your neighbors send you one bag of Kibble each. This feed remains active for up to 24 hours, or until three neighbors have clicked it. Each neighbor that helps you will receive 100 Coins.
All Kibble you receive (whether from Neighbors or from the Market) will automatically go into your Gift Box.
To view the status of your puppy, simply mouseover your pet, and you’ll see how many times out of 14 that they’ve been fed. If they’re currently hungry, you’ll see how much time you have before they run away. If they’ve already been fed once for the day, you’ll see a timer showing how long you have before they’re hungry again.
Now, if you are a neglectful owner and forget to feed your puppy, they’ll end up in the pound, and you’ll need to pay to get them out. When you enter FarmVille after your puppy’s run away, there will be an icon in the upper-left hand corner of your screen with a puppy behind bars. Once you click on this icon, you’ll receive a pop up informing you that your puppy is in the pound.
From the Pets section of the Market, you will have to pay 3 Farm Cash to free your puppy from the pound.
Remember that you may only have one Coin purchased puppy. That means that if your puppy goes to the pound, you cannot purchase another Coin puppy. You’ll have to retrieve your original puppy from the pound or purchase a new Puppy from the Market with Farm Cash.
Now, if you don’t want to deal with the stress of a Coin Puppy, you can buy the Golden Retriever, Sheep Dog, and Border Collie for 65 Farm Cash Each. Each Puppy has the option for three different colors, along with the same options as the Coin Option puppy. The Cash puppy also comes with a 2 weeks supply of Kibble.
You may purchase as many Farm Cash puppies as you want, and they will not run away if they are not fed.
And remember Farmers… eventually, all puppies, if well taken care of will become full grown dogs in the future!
Alright, well that’s about it for features this week. As always, if you have an opinion, feedback or question you would like to share with the FarmVille team please make sure to visit the official farmville forums or
On that note, let’s go ahead and get into answering some questions from the FarmVille Community!
FarmVille User Submitted Questions. Our first question comes to us from Gillmoor, and they're worried about a pair of puppies. They apparently have to take their real puppy to the vet and are worried they won't be able to make it back to their farm in time to feed their new FarmVille puppy. Since this has been a pretty heated topic, and Gillmoor's not the only person to ask about it, I thought it'd be a good idea to explain the timing for feeding your puppy. Once you buy and place your puppy, this starts a counter of 24 hours from the point they're on your farm. That means you have 24 hours from that point to feed him before he or she runs away. Once you feed your puppy, you have the rest of that 24 hours before they become hungry again. So let's say that your puppy gets hungry and you wait 8 hours to feed it? Once you feed it, you've got 16 hours before it gets hungry again. Once it gets hungry, you've got another 24 hours to feed it before it runs away. Hopefully, that clears things up.
Our next question comes to us from, Highdef2005 who'd like to know if there's a specific place to find our Podcasts other than the FarmVille Fan Page? Well, Highdef, currently all of our podcasts are hosted on Youtube and can be found at That's our Youtube page where you can find all of previous podcasts, and check for new ones as soon as they're added.
Our last question comes to us from Crypstal, who was wondering if I have a Farm and if I could show it off. I do indeed have a farm, and I'd be happy to let all of you see it. Just search for Lexi Smith on Facebook to find my account and send me a friend request. I'll be more than happy to add you as a neighbor so you can check out my Farm. Now, my farm is nowhere near as awesome as some of our users, even with all the free stuff. I’m just not creative as you guys! But, I would still be more than happy to add members of the FarmVille Community. 
Battle of the Barnyard. In other news, the Battle of the Barnyard's still going strong! If you weren't already aware, the Cows and Sheep of FarmVille are crossing hooves over whose Secret Animal will be revealed in the Market. Just go to Facebook and search for either FarmVille Cows or FarmVille Sheep to visit their respective Fan Pages, and show your support by becoming a Fan of your favorite animal. The first Fan Page to reach 2 Million Fans will have their Secret Animal unlocked in the Market and available to purchase for 12 Farm Cash! As of the recording of this podcast, the Cows for a Brighter FarmVille are currently leading the Honored Society of the Illustrious Flock by over 250,000 votes with just under 700,000 Fans to go before they reach 2 Million.
To cast your vote, search for FarmVille Cows or FarmVille Sheep and be sure to check out their Info section of each one for a special message, as well as more information on the Battle.
SNEAK PEAK INTO FUTURE OF FARMVILLE. As I mentioned earlier in the Podcast, your new puppies will grow up into dogs if they are well cared for. For this week’s coming soon segment, I also have some additional information about Pets that you guys might find interesting. 
In addition to fully grown pets performing special tricks, we will also be introducing new breeds of dog. Before this happens, we want to hear the feedback of our community. What breed of dog would you like to see come to farmville? If you have any ideas for new furry friends that you would like added to the game, please make sure to visit the FarmVille forums or www.farmville .com to have your say. 
You guys should also get ready to build a Nursery Barn for your Baby Foals and Calves. If you are interested, this new building will allow you to help your baby animals grow up into productive adults
And now that Co-op farming is finally out, a new “Instant Grow” consumable will be coming soon to help you guys accomplish your missions even faster. Make sure to keep an eye out for these new features in the near future.
Alright Folks, that’s it from me this week! I will be back next Friday to give all of you your latest FarmVille news and updates. Again, my name is Lexilicious and I will see you guys soon! Happy Farming everybody."

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FarmVille Update on 7 April 2010

Howdy Farmers!
Here is a little update with almost all the features released in latest FarmVille Update on 7 April 2010. You can click on the links to view exclusive details:-
Which feature/addition do you like the best?

Last 48 Hours of Master FarmVille Contest #1 - Hurry Up Dudes

Howdy Farmers!
It is just an update to remind you all that there are only 48 hours left in closing of "Master FarmVille Contest #1".
So hurry up and join the spree for your chance to win 275 FV Free Farm Cash.

Here is your chance to buy Exclusive FarmVille Items which are purchasable by Farm Cash only. These include FarmVille Indian Elephant, FarmVille Baby Tiger, Clydesdale, Mystery Box, etc, etc, etc and above all you will be able to buy a bunch of FarmVille Puppies, which are purchasable using Free Farm Cash.

FarmVille Puppies Released --- Finally!!!


After teasing us for a long time with "FarmVille Coming Soon Loading Screen" and teasing us with "Different Prices for FarmVille Puppies", Finally FarmVille Puppies have been released.
You can buy most of these FarmVille Puppies for 65 FV Farm Cash where as only one of these Puppies - FarmVille Border Collie Puppy can be purchased for 300,000 Coins. (Here is a chance to BUY ALL 3 FARMVILLE PUPPIES)
You can choose the name of your FarmVille Puppy and it is all willing to follow you around the farm.
These puppies will grow up to become FarmVille Dogs in 14 Days. But you must feed them for 14 days. The Puppies purchasable with farm cash bring their 14-day Puppy Kibbel with them, while the puppy purchasable with coins do not bring their food along.
If these FarmVille Puppies (Purchasable by Coins) are not fed properly, then they will run away and you will be able to get them back on your farm after paying 3 FV as a fine.
You can also choose the gender and color of your FarmVille Puppies. When you buy a FarmVille Puppy using coins, you will get one-day's Puppy Kibble FREE in your FarmVille Gift Box.
You can find FarmVille Puppy Kibble from your Neighbors as a gift or you can also purchase Puppy Kibble from the Market as well but it can be bought only for FV Farm Cash.
Feed your Puppies for 14 days and help them grow into beautiful FarmVille Dogs.

Which FarmVille Puppy have you bought? Do you think that 65 FV is a HUGE amount to pay?
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