Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FarmVille Scams: Have we gone insane after FarmVille?

Update on 29 Apr 2010:
The FarmVille Bonus XP Scam Application and Page has been removed by Facebook after thousands of Users reported it as Facebook Scam. By the way, last time I had a look some hours ago, it had more than 500,000+ Users who liked it.

Original Post in 28 Apr 2010:
Different websites and fan blogs have been informing us about various FarmVille Scams, especially on Facebook Fan Pages.
Here is just a fun view of the latest of these scams - Yes! Here is the page of FarmVille Bonus XP and it is an absolute FarmVille SCAM. It promises to give away UPTO 1000 XPs as a Bonus but no one has received anything from them. (I know most of you will still give it a try - just in case ;)   ).
I will just give you some interesting details on the page:
FarmVille Bonus XP Scam Fan Page was created today on 28 Apr 2010 at around 02:00 AM EDT.
It posts a message very similar to FarmVille Messages. The logo is the same as used by FarmVille however instead of "via FarmVille" it says "via Bonus XP" - as shown in the image below.
The application went so VIRAL that by 04:00 AM EDT the application managed to get 10,000 fans who liked the page and after 4 more hours it had more than 68,000 fans.
After next 2 hours,  the fans of the page had increased to 124,000+.
Next 2 hours passed and the fan count increased to 171,000+.
By the end of next 2 hours, the fans had increased to 215,000+.
It means that with in 10 hours of launching of the Scam Application Bonus XP, it had more than 215,000 Fans.
And by the time I wrote this post, the fan count has already reached 233,000+.

Isn't it interesting how crazy everyone is about Farmville???

And the BEST part is that NO ONE has got anything from it - NOT even Farm Cents. ;)
I just want your comments on the issue: Have we gone insane after FarmVille?


Anonymous said...

I don't think people have gone insane after Farmville, I think people have gone insane after *free stuff* -- instant gratification, because playing the game for the XP and coins is really much too slow, compared to getting it all now (and let's not forget *for free*!!!).

As the Queen song goes: "I want it all, and I want it now."

Anonymous said...

your right, gone insane, tried it and it is a scam. shame on me too.

Anonymous said...

there's a new one

it's called "via Farmville" so that the announcements show up appearing to be from Farmville itself any time people miss the repeated word "via"

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