Thursday, April 8, 2010

FarmVille Secret Sheep and Secret Cow - What, where and how?

You must have seen two new FarmVille Secret Animals in FarmVille Market which are:-

  • FarmVille Secret Sheep
  • FarmVille Secret Cow
So, what do you think is their SECRET?
If you are clueless then here is a guide offered to you by FarmVille 

"The Cows and Sheep are squaring off to see who’s tops on the Barnyard, and whoever wins unlocks a new friend available in the FarmVille Market . We’ll need your help to figure out who!
In the Animals section of the Market, you’ll see both the Secret Cow and Secret Sheep tabs, with a Become a Fan button underneath.
Clicking the button will take you to either Animal’s Facebook Fan Page where you can learn more about their separate election campaigns, but most importantly you can also become a fan.
TECHNICAL ISSUES – PLEASE NOTE: You must click the Become A Fan button at the top of the page to become a member of their Fan Page. Currently, the in-game button only takes you to the Fan page and does not make you a Fan automatically.
The first Fan Page to make it to 2 Million Fans will have their Secret Animal unlocked at a date to be determined shortly afterward.
Not only that, the more Fans each of these pages get, the more affordable the new animal will become. The fate of the Barnyard Battle is in your hands, Farmers!

  • 2 Million fans: New animal for 12 Farm Cash

  • 3 Million fans: New animal for 500,000 Coin

  • 6 Million fans: New animal for 100,000 Coin

  • 11 Million fans: New animal for 5,000 Coin and every fan gets one free!
PLEASE READ: Due to the high volume of players coming out to show their support for the Cows and Sheep in their respective campaigns, there have been some technical difficulties when attempting to Become a Fan. We’re currently looking into the problem, we ask that you please remain patient. If you get an error message when trying to become a fan, wait a few moments and try again later.
We’ll be sure to update you when these issues are completely sorted.” 
Source: FarmVille Official Forums
You can see the images of these SECRET PRIZES by clicking here:

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