Saturday, April 24, 2010

FarmVille Modern, Earth Day and Arbor Day Limited Edition Items released


FarmVille has released more Limited Edition Items for Arbor Day, Modern and Earth Day themes in a recent update:
Here is a glimpse of some of these items released today:-
The list of these Items is as follows:-

  • Modern Limited Edition Items
    • Modern Cottage
    • Modern Home
    • Modern Barn
    • Modern Tool Shed
    • Modern Cabana
    • Modern Vases
    • Modern Bench
    • Modern Chair
    • Modern Fence
    • Wood Planter
    • Short Planter
    • Tall Planter
  • Earth Day Limited Edition Items
    • Polar Bear Cub
    • Gazelle
  • Arbor Day Saplings 
    • Sapling
    • Orange Sapling
    • Lemon Sapling
    • Lime Sapling
    • Apple Sapling
All these Items are available in FarmVille Market for next 14 days.
Which of these items do you love the most?? Polar Bear Cub??? Gazelle??? or do you have a unique choice??

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