Thursday, April 8, 2010

FarmVille Puppies Released --- Finally!!!


After teasing us for a long time with "FarmVille Coming Soon Loading Screen" and teasing us with "Different Prices for FarmVille Puppies", Finally FarmVille Puppies have been released.
You can buy most of these FarmVille Puppies for 65 FV Farm Cash where as only one of these Puppies - FarmVille Border Collie Puppy can be purchased for 300,000 Coins. (Here is a chance to BUY ALL 3 FARMVILLE PUPPIES)
You can choose the name of your FarmVille Puppy and it is all willing to follow you around the farm.
These puppies will grow up to become FarmVille Dogs in 14 Days. But you must feed them for 14 days. The Puppies purchasable with farm cash bring their 14-day Puppy Kibbel with them, while the puppy purchasable with coins do not bring their food along.
If these FarmVille Puppies (Purchasable by Coins) are not fed properly, then they will run away and you will be able to get them back on your farm after paying 3 FV as a fine.
You can also choose the gender and color of your FarmVille Puppies. When you buy a FarmVille Puppy using coins, you will get one-day's Puppy Kibble FREE in your FarmVille Gift Box.
You can find FarmVille Puppy Kibble from your Neighbors as a gift or you can also purchase Puppy Kibble from the Market as well but it can be bought only for FV Farm Cash.
Feed your Puppies for 14 days and help them grow into beautiful FarmVille Dogs.

Which FarmVille Puppy have you bought? Do you think that 65 FV is a HUGE amount to pay?


Melissa&Gracelynn said...

My daughter - almost seven! Is so excited about a puppy on the farm! We love playing this game together with friends and family! Thank you!

DonH said...

How do you actually feed the puppy? I have kibbles in my gift box but the puppy is not hungry yet so I don't know what to do. If he gets hungry, how long do I have to feed him? Or does the food come automatically out of the gift box?

Master said...

@Melissa and Gracelynn: These puppies are really a cute addition to the game and above all they have added a new dimension to OUR beloved FarmVille.

Master said...

@DonH: When your puppy is hungry, you will see a call-out pop up above your puppy as if he/she is thinking of Kibble. Cute Soul :)
When you bring mouse cursor on your puppy, you can also see a count-down timer about the time after which your puppy will become hungry and when he/she becomes hungry, then the time left to feed the puppy.
If you do not feed your puppy in time, then it will run away from you and you will have to pay 3FV Fine to get it back.

FarmVille Puppy works much like crops, it gets hungry in 1 day and you can feed it during next 24 hours before it is lost.

When you click "USE" in gift box on kibble, it will follow your mouse cursor and it will feed the puppy on which you click next. You may be having more than one hungry pups and may like to feed "Spot" first - before the brown one.
Hope it helps

Yelowflower said...

what do I like most about farmville? I like that I can go play at any time and work my way up at my own speed. I like the games that we can play and the gentle rivalry between me and a couple of friends on the collecting. thanks for the contest.

username: yelowflower

Yelowflower said...

ok, so I left the wrong user name...sorry bout that,

user name: Lori M.

I like farmville because it is fun to play and I can compete against my friends without any hard feelings. thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said...

Puppies cost to much for newer players!!!

Brego said...

65 FV dollars = at least level 65 to buy the pet. RIDICULOUS. It's a "free" game but if you want the pet anytime soon and you're below level 35 or so, you have to buy FV dollars with REAL LIFE cash. I've been waiting for dogs in FV since I started playing and this is such a disappointment.

Master said...

@Brego: 65 FV are definitely a very huge sum of money but thank God that at least they have released a coin puppy as well which can be purchased for 300,000 Coins. I can see that more than 90% of FarmVille players have bought the Coin Puppy only. I hope that more puppies will be available for coins in near future

DonH said...

I never thanked you for your post on April 9th in response to my questions about feeding puppies. Yes it was very helpful. The difference between puppies and crops is that the clock starts when you plant the crops. The clock for the puppy starts when you BUY the puppy and never resets. So you should buy your puppies at a time of the day when you usually are on FV so you can feed them right away when they get hungry to lessen the chance of missing the 24 hour window in which you have to feed them. Also, your way of feeding by clicking USE from the gift box is just one way but I assume that by now you know that a "Feed" option is added to the menu when you click on a hungry puppy and that option takes the kibbles right out of your gift box. Do you what happens after your 14 day trial? Do they work like kittens or cats where you harvest them by petting them or brushing them? And you don't really have to do anything and they will just remain happy forever like kitties?

Anonymous said...

I read that the when the puppies grow up they do tricks and help around the farm. Depending on what they do 65fv might not be alot, still more that I will pay.
What I love most about FarmVille is that I can play when I want but still compete with my family who got me hooked. Now I have a couple friends trying to catch up to me. We all have fun.

mitchdcba said...

Right click on the dog and make it STAY so the next time you go to your farm, you'll see the dog where you exactly left it. That I hope will solve the problem of missing puppies.:)
farmville best guide

Vanessa Henderson said...

you don't have to be lvl 65 to buy a 65FV cash puppy, I'm level 24 and I have one, and I also have a coin puppy (:

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