Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FarmVille New Buildings with Purpose for 1000000 Coins Each - Will you buy?

Facebook's FarmVille has already leaked some new buildings with purpose. The following buildings will be used for making various different items from your mastered crops:-

  • FarmVille Winery - makes Wine
  • FarmVille Perfumery - makes Perfumes
  • FarmVille Bakery - makes Pasteries
  • FarmVille Fuel Shop - makes Fuel
In a recent move, these buildings with purpose have been made available to some of the farmers/FarmVille Players with a testing price of 1,000,000 Coins ..... Yes, 1 Million Coins each.

Do you have 4,000,000 Coins to buy a set of these buildings? I wish that their final price is lesser than this; however while viewing at the brighter side of the issue, 1 Million coins are still better than 50 FV - What do you say?

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