Wednesday, April 7, 2010

FarmVille Rickshaw and Banyan Tree released

With the latest "Far East Theme", two new decorations have also been released. These are FarmVille Rickshaw and a decorative Banyan Tree.

  • Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree is a decoration only and can not be harvested or collected. 
  • FarmVille Rickshaw. FarmVille Rickshaw is a vehicle but like the bicycle, it is only a decoration. Rickshaw is a vehicle mostly used in India and Pakistan - It is a modified version of a scooter with driver sitting in front and 2-3 passengers sitting in the rear seat. The best thing is that the Rickshaw is available only for 7,000 Coins.

Both these decorations are available in FarmVille Market for next 26 days.

What do you think about Banyan Tree and FarmVille Rickshaw? Have you ever enjoyed a rickshaw ride?

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