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Master FarmVille Holiday Giveaway for All

In a quest to make FarmVille Giveaways and FarmVille Contests a regular feature on the blog, Master FarmVille is offering the latest Giveaway Event to celebrate the Holiday Season.
We have had two such contests in the past which were Master FarmVille Contest #1 and FarmVille Birthday Giveaway.
Holiday season demands another FarmVille giveaway event. This event is being organized to celebrate the holiday season as well as the 500,000 Page Views on the blog. You can avail this chance to win FarmVille Game Cards and FarmVille Mystery Boxes
This Giveaway is BIGGER THAN EVER, so coming straight to the Contest Details:-
Contest Prizes: Prizes for Master FarmVille Holiday Giveaway are as under:
  • Grand 1st Prize ::::: 650 FV Farm Cash (10 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards)
  • 2nd Prize ::::: 310 FV Farm Cash (5 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards)
  • 3rd Prize ::::: 115 FV Farm Cash (2 x US$10 FarmVille Prepaid Game Cards)
  • 4th Prize ::::: Any sendable item in FarmVille Market upto 50 Farm Cash
  • 5th Prize ::::: Any sendable item in FarmVille Market upto 20 Farm Cash 

How to enter the contest??? Entering the contest is easy :)
  • You can join the contest by answering any of the following questions as a comment to any of the posts on this blog. 
    • Question 1: Why do you play FarmVille? 
    • Question 2: How much time do you spend playing FarmVille Daily? 
    • Question 3: What do you like about FarmVille?
    • Question 4: Which is your favorite item in FarmVille? 
  • For Bonus Entries:
    • For other entries, you can write ANYTHING related to FarmVille or your experiences while playing FarmVille.
    • Following terms must be adhered to:-
      • Every answer must be at least 10+ words.
      • Your answer MUST NOT include any working link in it.
      • You must also mention your Facebook's username
      • You can post upto 10 DIFFERENT answers DAILY to get more chances to win.
How the Winners will be selected? Winners will be selected by a LUCKY DIP. So, every entry has an equal chance to win; However MORE ENTRIES means MORE CHANCES to win.

Deadline: December 31, 2010 
  • You can enter the contest till 11:59 PM on December 31, 2010 (Blog Timings). 
  • Contest winners will be announced on  January 1, 2010.
Important note: Contest is Open to all FarmVille Lovers.


Here is the latest Official Farmville Video released by Zynga on Official Youtube channel.

I would love to see these magnificent items and pray that they are released for Coins instead of enormous amount of Farm Cash. What do you think?

Unreleased FarmVille Holiday Tree Presents for Christmas 2010

LIke last year, there are all the likely chances that FarmVille Team will launch a Holiday Tree for Christmas. The Unreleased Images of the Holiday Tree or Christmas Tree 2010 can be seen here too. Here are the unreleased images of the FarmVille Holiday Tree Presents for Christmas 2010.
Last year's winter presents can also be seen here: Holiday Tree Presents 2010
Hoping to see this year's Holiday Tree 2010 released very soon but exact time can not be given due to obvious reasons. I also believe that this feature will be released on Monday, December 6, 2010 and this might also be the reason for the delay of the Official FarmVille Podcast.
What do you think?

Unreleased FarmVille Holiday Tree for Christmas 2010

If you are a player for more than one year then you must be knowing that last year's winter saw a gorgeous feature in the form of FarmVille Holiday Tree (You can view the details here). The holiday tree was released on December 3, 2010. The holiday tree was supposed to be filled with different FarmVille Christmas Presents which were supposed to be opened after December 24, 2010.
This gave a lot of time to players to collect many gifts.
Here we have some unreleased pictures of the Holiday Tree Presents for 2010, which are likely to be released soon (Exact time can not be estimated :( Zynga has the rights to release at will). In fact it is already December 5, 2010.
You can also see the images of some Unreleased Holiday Tree presents for 2010 here: FarmVille Holiday Tree Presents 2010
What do you think about the Holiday Tree? Will it be named Holiday Tree again or it will be a FarmVille Christmas Tree this time?

FarmVille Winter-themed Farm Decoration Ideas

If you are planning to decorate your farm for winter and holiday season then you would love this post. Decorating a farm becomes much easier when you find some brilliant ideas and get a chance to see them in their final shape.
Here is a link to some of the last year's FarmVille Winter Themed Farms which you can use as a guideline to decorate your farms this season. You can catch them here:
So go ahead and find the best for your farm, so that you can show off later to friends!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unreleased FarmVille Eider Duck

Here is another one of Unreleased FarmVille Animals - An Eider Duck.
It is definitely beautiful and magnificent than many other breeds of FV Ducks. Are you waiting for its release?

FarmVille Podcast - 4 Dec 2010

FarmVille Team has been announcing its latest releases and future features through a very active podcast. These podcasts include the recent releases, answers to user-submitted questions and an exclusive sneak peak into FarmVille's future, however these podcasts are prone to be delayed due to various aspects. I believe that the primary reason is the slackness on the part of FV Team. What do you think?

As usual, the latest Farmville Podcast, due to be released on December 4, 2010 has been postponed till December 6, 2010.
As per the official word on Official FarmVille Forums, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious has informed:-
"Hey Farmers,
Unfortunately, the Podcast will be delayed until Monday, December 6th. We apologize for any inconvenience."
So, stay tuned till 6th and see what comes out of the bag???

Guide for Completing FarmVille Wonderland Quests

FarmVille Team is slowing rolling out this feature. Some of you may not see it for some time, so please be patient while we test it out.

Coupled together with the introduction of the Winter Workshop, the Winter Wonderland Quest is a mission to make your farm into a beautiful wonderland. And you’ll get some cool gifts for finishing this multi-stage quest, so why not get started?

You can see the quest icon at the lower left-hand side of the game. It’ll look something like this:

Click on the quest icon will bring up the quest window, which will display your current quest, your quest progress and objectives. The first Winter Wonderland Quest window looks like this:

As shown, the quest objectives are to:
  • Place a Winter Workshop on your farm and
  • Buy 1 Candy Arch, which you can get in the Market.
You’ll see a green checkmark by the objectives you’ve already finished. You can click “Okay” to close the window; the icon will still appear on the lower left.

Once these objectives are all reached you’ll see the completion window:

And once you close that window, the prizes will automatically be given to you (in this instance, the Pine Tree will go into your Gift Box) and you’ll return to your farm. You also have the option to Share the special gift (the Pine Tree) with your friends by making a post to your feed.

A new icon will show up if there is a next part to the Winter Wonderland Quest (there are a few more to do):

Here you can see three quest objectives; for this one you can see I’ve already added some parts to my Winter Workshop but haven’t gotten the new snow blanket for my farm, or acquired the holiday lights. For these, you can see that you have the option of posting a request to your feed, asking for Holiday Lights (“Ask Friends”) or you can simply purchase these lights for 10 Farm Cash (“Skip FV 10”). These should show up in your Gift Box (they won't be immediately credited against the quest objective if you get them from friends).

The rest of the Winter Wonderland Quests are similar in structure, but we don’t want to give it all away—you should experience it for yourself!
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

FarmVille Winter Workshop Guide

The Winter Workshop is now available in FarmVille! This new constructible building is the first major step to our FarmVille holiday season and soon enough you’ll be able to harvest special Holiday Gifts from the Winter Workshop for special use later. But first, however, just worry about getting them built as much as you can. 

Workin’ on the Workshop

You’ll get the base for the Winter Workshop for free the first time you play FarmVille after the game update, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Winter Workshop base on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later. 

You’ll only be able to have one Winter Workshop at a time. If you sell yours and want another, you can find it in the Market in the “Buildings” tab for 5,000 coins. You’ll need to be level 5 in order to place and use the Turkey Roost. 

The basic Winter Workshop looks pretty but you won’t be able to harvest it for Holiday Gifts when the time comes. You’ll need twelve (12) parts (4 bricks, 4 nails and 4 wooden boards) to complete construction of the first level:

Like other constructible buildings, you can acquire these parts by:
  • Asking your neighbors for these parts by posting a help request to your feed (click on the “Ask For More” button for each type of part).
  • Give parts to your neighbors via the Free Gifts page or the “Send Gifts” button.
  • Acquire individual parts by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Buy” button for that particular part). Each part is 1 Farm Cash.
  • Acquire all needed parts for the building by spending Farm Cash (click on the “Complete Now” button to purchase parts for the rest of the building). The Cost is X Farm Cash, where X is the amount of parts left needed to finish the building.
  • Parts awarded through Special Delivery Boxes.
  • Using individual parts available in your Gift Box.

Once you complete construction of the first level you’ll see this new window:

There are two more levels of construction; the second level requires forty-five (45) total parts (15 bricks, 15 nails and 15 wooden boards), where the meter will be halfway filled, while the third level requires an additional sixty (60) parts (20 each of the 3 above). The bigger the level of the Winter Workshop, the more Holiday Gifts you’ll get when you harvest it.

Here’s how the Winter Workshop will look:

Harvesting for Holiday Gifts will begin soon. Your neighbors will be able to harvest your Winter Workshops for Holiday Gifts as well. Enjoy!
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

FarmVille UCSF Charity Event Guide including Candy Cane Crop Guide

In case you hadn't heard, we are planting hope with the new Candy Cane Crop this Holiday Season! For a limited time, donate and receive a one week permit to grow Candy Canes! Candy Canes give more XP, can be mastered and will never wither.

Zynga will donate 100% of all proceeds from Candy Cane sales to support the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. Oh, and if you buy a permit, you get a special prize too--one you can share!

Getting your Candy Cane Permit

If you’ve seen our previous Sweet Seeds charity for Haiti, the Candy Cane crop for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital works very closely with that. You can only plant the Candy Cane crop by purchasing a special one-week Permit in the Market. You can find the Candy Cane crop by clicking on the “Seeds & Trees” tab, then click on the “Seeds” sub-category. 

Click on the “Donate” button to buy a Permit (if you’ve already bought a Permit, the button will change to “Buy” with a 15 coin icon next to it).

You can choose how much in Farm Cash you wish to donate in order to acquire the Permit—25, 55, or 240 Farm Cash. You won’t receive any extra bonuses for donating more Farm Cash; the options are there for you to donate more Farm Cash if you so wish. Once the week is done, you will need to purchase another Permit if you want to continue planting Candy Cane.

As you can see the Candy Cane is a pretty good crop. It’ll cost 15 coins to plant, and you’ll get 100 coins for harvesting (as well as 2 XP for each plot harvested). The Candy Cane will be ready to harvest in just 4 hours. Candy Cane is Masterable, and it never withers!

Zynga will donate 100% of all the proceeds from these Permit sales to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. You can read more about the charity at

Planting Candy Cane and Other Notes

Note that when you purchase a Permit you get a notice for a special prize:

You can choose to “Share” the prize by posting a note on your wall, or you can “Skip” the notice altogether. Either way, the special prize will now be in your Gift Box.

Planting the Candy Cane works like any other crop; you can choose to buy a plot individually from the Market or you can plant multiple plots at once using a vehicle such as the Combine. 

There’s also a new Co-Op available for Candy Cane crops:

While you need to have a Candy Cane Permit in order to start or join a Co-Op from inside the game. The object of the Co-Op is to grow 1,000 Candy Cane (Gold Medal: 1 day; Silver: 2 days; Bronze: 3 days) in the time allotted.

The Candy Cane crop will leave the market on December 14.
Source: Official FarmVille Forum

Friday, December 3, 2010

Farm Ville Crafting Building Recipes and Mastery Guide

Here are 6 charts I made that should significantly improve your Crafting Building productivity!

The first three charts show each recipe, the required bushels to make them, each level of recipe mastery and the rewards for hitting each level. Scroll down for more charts and a math lesson!

Use this chart to decide which crops to plant depending on which Crafting Building(s) you have on your farm. 

+Sunflower for Spa and Winery

If you want to master recipes faster, use faster growing crops! Here is a chart with the times for all the crops involved in crafting using the above color scheme. (The crops are in alphabetical order, mostly)

+Sunflower - 23 hours

The fastest recipes are those with the shortest grow time.
Bakery - Tripple Berry Pie (4 hours for longest crop)
Winery - Fruit Wine (8 hours for longest crop)
Spa - Herbal Lotion (10 hours for longest crop)

This chart took some real math to create! It simply shows you the minimum number of goods you will need to make, then stop and sell out of, to get to each level of mastery. 

If you don't want to get into heavy math with all of this but still want to know the best way to level things up I have a few suggestions:
1) For one or 2 days focus on making as many goods for one recipe as you can!
2) Plant crops to harvest for the next day's bushel requirements.
3) Get together a group of friends who wish to follow this plan so that you're all doing the same recipes at the same time. There should always be plenty of the required bushels available to you in the farmer's market this way! 

Shopping? Check out which level goods you will need to buy to get enough for your plots! Prices vary per some, currently mysterious, formula. You can just buy the cheaper one if you're short on coins!

This chart can help you determine how many more goods of each recipe you will need to make to reach the next level on your mastery sign. Here's where the math comes in!

Formula: (Total needed - Total made so far - Amount for sale) / Level divisor.

"Total needed" is the number in the right hand column called 'total goods made/sold'. Look for the highlighted number with the color that corresponds to that recipe's level (think about how many 'star upgrades' your building was when you unlocked it. See above charts). Ie. yellow is level 1 building and will be for the first 3 recipes.

"Total made so far" is the number in the last column that corresponds to your recipes current level of mastery. Be sure to include any extras that you have made if you're between levels.

"Amount for sale" you can find in the third tab of your crafting building. You might have to scroll through your list to see how many are on sale for friends to buy.

"Level divisor" is the number of goods you make each time (always 1) plus the number that will be on sale for friends (depends on its upgrade level). See color key under the final chart for level divisors. Each good that your friends buy counts towards leveling up your recipes.

An example:

I have a level 11 Pattypan Tart recipe with 27 for sale.

This is a 2 Star recipe, so to get my first mastery sign I'll need to get it up to level 23.

I need 105+9= 114 goods made and sold to raise my recipe to level 23. (Be careful with levels in between level tiers and make sure you add on the amount needed to make/sell to the previous total)

Made so far is 27+5= 32 (based on level)
Subtract what I've made from what I need. 114-32 = 82
Subtract what I already have for sale. 82-27 = 55

Divide by 4 (because its a 2 star recipe). 55/4 = 13.75 or 14 more pattypan tarts that I will need to make to get my first mastery sign for this recipe.

I hope that all makes sense to everyone. If not, just follow the tips and use the first 4 charts as a reference and you'll be fine! Crafting mastery wasn't meant to be quick and easy. Like mastering crops it will take a lot of time, preparation, and a bit of strategy. Good luck!

Source: Official FarmVille Forum
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