Friday, December 4, 2009

Farmville Holiday Tree is much like a Christmas Tree


Farmville has released a Holiday Tree which is much like a Christmas Tree and you can use it to store the special holiday presents received from your Farmville Neighbors/ friends. Its a beautiful tree which you will get free of cost from Farmville Developers as a special gift.
When you log in, you will see a small Holiday Tree Icon in the left top corner of your game screen like this:-

You will also find a pop up like this one:-

After logging in to Farmville, you can simply go to your Gift Box and get your beautiful Holiday Tree.

Farmville Holiday Tree has some cool features, which are as follows:-
  • Farmville Holiday Tree is a Storage System It is a storage system and can hold up to 60 Holiday Presents from your friends.

  • Holiday Tree Grows Taller and More Colorful Farmville Holiday Tree grows taller and more colorful when you store more holiday presents inside them. Here is the holiday tree from Stage 1-4 (From Left to Right) along with the number of presents required to get the stage:-
    • Stage 1 : 0-19 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 2 : 20-39 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 3 : 40-59 Holiday Presents
    • Stage 4 : 60 Holiday Presents

  • Holiday Tree helps you in getting more presents from friends Holiday Tree helps you ask your Farmville neighbors to send you more Holiday Presents. You can simply left click the Holiday Tree, then click on "Ask Friends for Presents"

Click "Accept" and your friends will start sending you holiday presents .....

...... After seeing such a feed on their pages.......

You can see some other Holiday-themed Items here:

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