Monday, December 28, 2009

FarmVille New Ribbon: Vegetable Virtuoso

After FarmVille "Flower Power" Ribbon, now there is a latest addition to the list of ribbons or achievements and this time it is a ribbon for the vegetarians - FarmVille "Vegetable Virtuoso" Ribbon.

You can get the various "Vegetable Virtuoso" ribbons by doing following:-
  • Yellow Ribbon: Harvest 15 Vegetable crops to get 25 XP and 500 Coins
  • White Ribbon: Harvest 500 Vegetable crops to get 100 XP and 2500 Coins
  • Red Ribbon: Harvest 2500 Vegetable crops to get 250 XP and 5000 Coins
  • Blue Ribbon: Harvest 10,000 Vegetable crops to get 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins
How to earn FarmVille "Vegetable Virtuoso" Ribbon Quickly?
It should be a simple question to answer :)
And the answer is: "Of course, by planting and harvesting vegetable crops" ......... Lolz
You can do it even faster by planting and harvesting short-term vegetable crops

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