Monday, December 28, 2009

Farmville Ribbon: Lord of the Plow

In the simplest way, I can put it as, "You need to plow your fields/plots using a Farmville TRACTOR in order to earn the latest FarmVille "Lord of the Plow" Ribbon.

The details include:-
  • Yellow Ribbon: Plowing 200 Fields give you 1000 Coins & 50 XP
  • White Ribbon: Plowing 1000 Fields give you 2500 Coins & 100 XP
  • Red Ribbon: Plowing 2500 Fields give you 5000 Coins & 250 XP
  • Yellow Ribbon: Plowing 10,000 Fields give you 10,000 Coins & 1000 XP
How to Earn FarmVille "Lord of the Plow" Ribbon quickly?
  • Since you need to plow your fields/plots, every time you sow new crops, therefore, you need not to worry about earning this ribbon. It will automatically come to you - NO extra effort needed. 
  • Planting short-term crops can speed up your process of earning the blue ribbon faster. For example, if you sow 2-hour crops, then you can get the ribbon almost 40 times faster than if you sow 4-day crops.

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