Saturday, October 24, 2009

Facebook's Farmville: Tips & Tricks: How to Adopt More Lost Animals???

Slow Green Turtle are the latest animals which can be adopted in Facebook's Super game Farmville. Since very less friends find it and one becomes very dejectic when he/she tries to adopt one of these cute turtles and comes to know that someone has already given him a home. Check the details of the lost Green Turtle here: Farmville Green Turtle

So, here is a little Farmville trick or glitch using which you can adopt more and more Turtles. You just need to help your friends and vice versa.

The trick is that if a LOST TURTLE or any other LOST ANIMAL is found by any of your friends and you adopt it in time - It will go to your GIFT BOX. Leave the animal in your gift box for some time. This will help the NEXT 7 friends to adopt the same animal as well. Yes! You are right every lost animal can be adopted by up to 8 friends if all those who adopt it earlier leave it in the gift box till the 8th one adopts it.
If you or any of your friends take the adopted animal out of the gift box and place it on the farm, then no one else can adopt it after that time.

The same Farmville Trick works wonders while adopting colorful cows, black and white sheep and ugly ducklings as well.


lambskin92 said...

I adopted a turtle and got the notification but never found him in my gift box :( Can we retrieve these lost gifts as it is not the first time I have lost gifts?

ponymadabigail said...

what notification did it give you if you didnt read it propaly it might have said it already have a home

bondi1959 said...

This is a rumor that has been verified by Zyngna. It makes no difference how long you keep it in your gift box. Each item has a set amount to be distributed and when they are gone they are gone!!!

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