Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to Get Free Cows on Farmville?

Of late I came to know of a little cheat/glitch in Farmville Dairy Farms. By using this little fun thing, you can get more and more free cows of different colors inside your dairy farm. 

Requirements to perform this Glitch:

  • 10,000 coins to purchase a Dairy Farm (No need of this if you already have a Dairy Farm)
  • At least one cow of any color in your gift box
How to get more Cows than you have?
  • Go to the Farmville Market and buy a Dairy Farm (Not needed if you already have an empty Dairy Farm)
  • Open your Gift Box and instead of placing your cow anywhere on the farm, put it directly inside the Dairy Farm.
  • Now that your cow is placed inside the Dairy Farm, if you open your gift box again, you will find the same cow still residing there.
  • So repeat Step-2 again and on returning to the Gift Box, your cow is still supposed to be waiting for you there.
  • Keep repeating and getting new Free Cows of the same color as inside the Gift Box until you desire or have space for them.
Some friends have even claimed that they have managed to put more than 20 cows inside the same Dairy Farm but it is not confirmed. This glitch is working till this time (October 31' 2009) but I can not promise that it will continue to work.
Happy Farming

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