Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmville: Add Color to Your Friends' Farms


Lately I have seen some very beautiful Farmville farms where the owners have done various techniques to give it a 3-D effect. Even some of them have stacked the hay bales over each other and I will soon be showing you some of those farms. I will even give you an insider's view of "How to do stacking in Farmville?". So keep your fingers crossed for that.

At the moment, I would just like to announce that you can add more color to your friends' farms now by gifting Violet, Jet Black and Orange Hay Bales. These colorful hay bales CAN NOT be purchased by can only be gifted.

So you can send them to your friends at your will but you can only get them if your Farmville Neighbor friends send them to you.

In the words of Farmville, "Hey there Farmers! No one ever said baling hay had to be boring, did they? That’s why we’ve just released giftable Orange, Black and Violet haybales! Now, you can create even more impressive Farm Art or just keep your farms colorful and bright!"

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