Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What Really is a Crop Whisperer Ribbon in Farmville? – Are your crops SPARKLING? ***

After introducing various Halloween Decorations, Farmville has recently introduced
a Farmville Crop Whisperer Ribbon. I have seen many expert players wondering about the new stuff as the Farmville Official Blog has nothing to say about it so far.

Farmville Crop Fertilizer Works like this:

If you help your friends/neighbors at their farms like saving their farms from foxes, raccoons, etc or collecting the leaves, etc then you will get 5 bags of Super Grow Fertilizer. These bags are not given to everyone but the users will receive them at random. In fact, very few of us are getting them at this time but the frequency will increase with the time, I suppose.

When you will get the fertilizer, then you will see a message like this as well.

It is very much possible that you visit one neighbor’s farm and get the Fertilizer Bag or you visit 20 farms and still do not get anything. So just relax and wait for it to come your way or work harder and get some bags for you.

What Does the Super Grow Fertilizer do to the Crops?

The Super Grow Fertilizer simply make the crops of your friends bigger than normal and sparkling. They also give 2 XP to you for using the fertilizer and 1XP to your neighbor when they are harvested. Just look at these extra-grown grapes here.

You will also get the ribbons for using Super Grow Fertilizer. The details for the yellow ribbon are as follows:-

Crop Whisperer Yellow Ribbon – Fertilize 100 Neighbor Crops

Steps to Getting Crop Whisperer Ribbon at Farmville:

1. Visit your neighbors’ farms as much as you can

2. Help your neighbors at their farms

3. Receive 5 bags of Super Grow Fertilizer from Farmville at random

4. Work hard to get more bags

5. A tiny White & Blue Bag will be added to the bottom left corner of your game screen (Near fuel tank) when you receive Super Grow Fertilizer Bags.

6. Use these bags to fertilize the crops of your neighbors.

7. Since Farmville is all about XPs, thus the good part is ----- You will get 2XP for fertilizing each plot and your neighbor will get 1XP for harvesting them.


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