Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Farmville Postage Stamps are Here!!! :-)

Here are some beautiful Farmville Postage Stamps. These are the first ones of their kind and it is the first time that I have seen any Farmville Postage Stamps, because I have made them myself. I wish I could have some of these issued by any postal authority of the World.

If you like them please leave your comments. Any suggestions for more variety are also welcome. Do you want a postage stamp on a particular decoration, animal, tree or any other Farmville item??? Ask me Now!!!
Happy Farming & Happy Collecting


webmastermarkt said...

great, very nice and pretty.
could you send me a real cover to my address?

Igor Adolph, P.O. Box 100110, 45401 Muelheim, Germany


p.s. i can pay by paypal for the stamps

Krishna said...

Very nice information. I want few stamps from this Farmville stamps.Any address there?Exchange or Buy.

Cheema said...

These are not real stamps but I just created them for fun. I hope that some postal authority issues them or any other Farmville related stamps soon.
Thanks for your comments

Bradpetehoops said...

Cute Farmville.

Ecommerce web developer said...

Nice creativity thinking, all models of stamps are really pretty and you are create more stamps like these . thanks for wonderful stamps

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