Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Sunflower is the Best Flower Crop at Farmville to get Flower Power Ribbon

There are 6 flower crops at present in Farmville and here we will discuss which is the BEST ONE and WHY? All these crops can be seen here - 6 Flower Crops at Farmville.

So here is a little table about the flower crops for your ease:-

Sunflower is the BEST FLOWER CROP - How???.  In my opinion Sunflowers is the best crop to sow because of following reasons:-
  • Although Lavender gives 119% profit on investment BUT REMEMBER that Lavender gives this profit in 2 days while you can get 220% profit from Sunflowers in 2 days by harvesting them twice. 
  • Not to mention that in comparison of 3 XPs of Lavender, you will get 6 XPs for Sunflowers for harvesting twice.  
  • You will also get the Farmville Flower Power Ribbons earlier by harvesting Sunflowers daily. :)
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lutfor.foysal said...

Flower Ribbon

* Yellow Ribbon
Needs : 30 flowers to harvest.
Rewards that you’ve got : 25 XP and 500 coins.
Reward for your friends : 50 coins.

* White Ribbon
Needs : 500 flowers to harvest.
Rewards that you’ve got : 50 XP and 2500 coins.
Reward for your friends : 100 coins.

* Red Ribbon
Needs : 2500 flowers to harvest.
Rewards that you’ve got : 100 XP and 5000 coins.
Reward for your friends : 250 coins.

* Blue Ribbon
Needs : 12500 flowers to harvest.
Rewards that you’ve got : 250 XP and 10000 coins.
Reward for your friends : 500 coins.

Anonymous said...

This isn't explained quite right, but since math hurts most of our brains I guess it doesn't really matter. Saying that there is 220% profit per investment isn't quite right though...

If you harvest the sunflowers twice, then obviously there is going to be twice as much profit for the sunflowers as if you harvested them only once. And that's really all there is to it.

The percentage that you guys are's profit/investment, right? But if you get the profit of harvesting twice, you also have to pay the investment twice... so you're not making any more profit PER investment even though you're making more profit.

So I think what you mean to say is, if you harvest plants more often you will get more return in general. You just have to choose the highest profit plant from the 1 day group and the 2 day group and then compare them.

Anonymous said...

I used to agree with this assessment on the Sunflowers but then after looking up tables that illustrated bonuses for crop mastery, I found that Lilies were the best because once you have fully mastered both Sunflowers and Lilies the Sunflowers do give slightly more gold profit per hour per plot but the Lilies have a mastery bonus that kicks ass with a 20% chance to give an extra 6xp, whereas the Sunflowers give only 2xp with the same chances.

All in all the Lillies are the best flower choice in my opinion, unless you are level 90 and above, then go for the Forget-Me-Not flowers for much higher coin profit and similar bonuses after mastery. I hope this helps some people out. Go Lilies and Peas :D

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