Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmville Much-Awaited Dairy Farms have been Launched

Much-Awaited Farmville Dairy Farms have been launched and now we have a building on our farm which has some purpose.
What is a Dairy Farm?
You can put 20 space-covering cows inside the Dairy Farm and enjoy various benefits. Cows of any color, caste or family background can be placed inside it.
How to get a Dairy Farm?
There are two ways to get a Dairy Farm for your place, which are:-
  • Buying for Coins. You can buy a Farmville Dairy Farm from the Buildings Section of the Market for 10,000 coins. There is one limitation for this though that you must have at least 8 neighbors to perform this action.
  • Buying for FV Cash.  You can also buy it for 20 FV Cash from the Market. Anyone with sufficient cash can do this. :)

Dairy Farm gives 100 XPs and if sold it can give 500 coins.

Benefits of farmville Dairy Farms
You can enjoy following benefits from a Farmville Dairy Farm:-
  • You can save space by putting 20 cows inside one building which covers the space of 8 cows only.
  • The biggest benefit is that you can milk 20 cows with a single click when Dairy Farm is ready for harvesting.
  • It counts towards the Farmville Architect Ribbon.
  • It is one of the most beautiful buildings on the farm
  • It adds beauty to the farm and makes it tidy.
  • It is not very costly. 10,000 Coins is hardly any money at Farmville

How to use the Dairy Farm?
  • First you need to put the cows inside the dairy farm. To do this click on the cow and select "MOVE" from the drop down menu.
  • Move your cow to the Dairy Farm, it will light up - Just click on the Dairy Farm Building to house the cow inside.
  • If there are 20 cows in the building then on harvesting it will give you the sum of all the cows, (that is, 20 cows x 6 coins for milking = 120 Coins).
  • To remove a cow from the building, you can click on the farm building and select "Remove Cows".
  • You can only have 5 Dairy Farms at one time on your farm.
Top Tip/Trick for Dairy Farm:
The tip of the day for the Dairy Farm is that the first cow which you place in the Dairy Farm Building determines the level of current harvesting of the dairy farm which means that if the first cow you place is 90% ready for milking then your Dairy Farm will be 90% ready, even if the remaining cows are 10% or 20% ready. So the first cow which you should put inside the Dairy Farm should be the one which is about to be 100% ready.
Its fun to be a FARMER at Farmville.

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