Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harry Potter's "Hedwig" has reached Farmville

Philosopher Birds are another great addition in Farmville Birds as well as Farmville Decorations. Here we have two beautiful owls to add spice to your farms. Yes! Farmville Halloween has brought Brown and White Owls to your farms. The White Owl is exactly the same owl named :Hedwig" which Harry Potter has kept as a pet for sending and receiving posts. 

You can buy both these Owls from the Decorations section of your Farmville Market. The only problem remains that you can buy these owls for FV Cash only. 15 FVs for the simple brown owl while double the cash to 30 FVs for the white owl - which seems a twin of Harry Potter's "Hedwig".

Farmville Owl Tips: Where all the other animals have an option of "PET" when you right click them, these owls have an option of "Fly" when you right click them. So they are not just sitting decorations but they can fly around as well.

Farmville Official Page says: "Guess WHO has made their way to FarmVille? Owls! Two new Limited Edition Owls can now be purchased from the Market! These scholarly fowl can be yours for just a few Farm Cash."

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