Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Does FarmVille Mystery Boxes Contain?

Well! Here is your Mystery Box. If you have not found it yet, you can buy one from the Market for 15 FV Dollars Cash. You can open it as soon as you get it or you can keep it at your farm for a nice time to disclose the contents of the box.

Visit the market right now and get one for you. You can find your Mystery Box in the Decoration Section of the Market.

What's inside the Farmville Mystery Boxes?
Inside the Farmville Mystery Boxes are some unique gifts. When you open the mystery box, you get a unique/ one-of-a-kind gift along with some experience points (XP). You can find some comparatively common gifts like a red bicycle, Red & white Stripped Rest Tent or a gorgeous Picnic Table with table cloth.............

Or you can get some unique items like a Fire Pit, a Tree with a Swing or a Lounge Chair ...........

Or you can discover some very rare gifts like a Hot Water Tub (Take a hot bath after working so hard at your farm) or a Golden Gnome!!!

What does the Mystery Boxes Give?
Mystery Boxes give one of the following items so far:-
Red Bicycle                      -    30 XP
Lounge Chair                   -    50 XP 
Stripped Rest Tent          -    60 XP
Picnic Table with Cloth    -    60 XP
Fire Pit                            -    80 XP
Hot Tub                          -   150 XP
Tree with Swing             -   150 XP
Gold Gnome                    -   200 XP

Are Farmville Mystery Boxes Worth Buying?

So do you think that Farmville Mystery Boxes are worth a shot when you can easily get 200 XPs by spending 20,000 coins for buying a Grain Silo or even better - spend 18 FV Dollars and buy a Gazebo - You will get 500 Xps which means that by spending 3 extra FVs you are getting 300 extra XPs and who knows that you will get a Gold Gnome with 200 XPs. You may be getting a Red Bicycle with 50 XPs only.

I believe that Farmville needs to be a bit more generous with gifts!!! The top prize should be something of the tone of 2000 XPs or even more.

What do you say?

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