Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmville Flying Potato or Gold Coin: Have you ever observed?

Farmville farmers are sowing seeds below the ground but they are also seeing Potatoes flying around. When you plow, plant or harvest, sometimes you see a flying potato which jumps out of the ground and then gets absorbed by it. I know that you have tried a number of times to catch it or click on it because I have myself done it ..... Lolz.
So here is the little Farmville Secret:
  • It is a flying/ flipping Gold Coin and not a POTATO :-p
  • It is totally random and can show its face anytime while you plow, plant or harvest.
  • Each time the gold coin jumps in the air , it gives you 100 coins in your vault.
  • It can flip with any kind of crop.
  • There is absolutely no need to run after the coin, try to catch it or stand under the coin to be blessed. Just relax and you will get what will be in your destiny ;)


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Anonymous said...

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