Saturday, October 24, 2009

Farmville Flower Power is here on Facebook

Another NEW item in our favorite Farmville is the Flower Power Ribbon. The process of winning the Farmville Flower Power Ribbon is easy and can be understood by the name even!!! After all, its FLOWER POWER.

So you need to harvest flowers to get them. For the Yellow Ribbon, you have to harvest only 30 fields of Flowers. The requirements for further ribbons will be updated soon. If you have any idea, you can post in comments.

Although there was only one flower crop previously which was SUNFLOWERS, but now you can get the Flower Power by cultivating and harvesting Lillies, Red Tulips, Lavender, Pink Roses and Daffodils. All these flower crops are now available in the market for you.

By the way it is the 16th Ribbon which can be awarded to Farmville Fanatics after the recent introduction of Farmville Crop Whisperer Ribbon.
  • One Day Crops.  There are 3 crops which can be harvested in 1 day which are Sunflowers, Lilies and Red Tulips. I think that the most profitable flower crop among these is Sunflowers in terms of investment vs profit.

    • Two Day Crops.  Again there are 3 crops which can be harvested in two days. These include Lavender, Pink Roses and Daffodils. Among the two-day flower crops, I recommend you to harvest Lavender as it gives huge profit for your money.

    Get your Flower Power NOW!!!

    Click here to see:
    Which is the BEST FLOWER CROP and WHY???

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