Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have you seen "A Large Black Kitten" Roaming around in Farmville

After you found a Green Turtle and some Owls; have you also seen a huge Black Kitten roaming around your farm???
If not, then be on the watch as their are some monstrous black kittens are wandering around, looking for some milk to drink perhaps. She might be interested in hiding somewhere near your dairy farms to get some spilled milk. ;)

Where can I get a Black Kitten?
Farmville black kitten can be found once your friends find them roaming around. By the way, the kitten was lost while searching for her friend who wants to hide inside the Jack-O-Lanterns (As per Farmville statement). So if you have a Jack-o-Lantern, may be she will visit you more frequently. Just May Be!!!

When your friend gets her and decides to help her, then you can adopt her and keep it at your farm.

The Kitten harvests in 3 days and can be resold for 86 coins. What it gives remains a question??? What do you think???

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