Sunday, November 28, 2010

FarmVille Chicken Coop Expansion Guide


FarmVille has introduced an additional two rounds of expansions to the FV Chicken Coop! Previously there was a possibility to place 60 chickens in your coop only but with the latest update you can conveniently place 100 chickens in your coop. 
You will need to upgrade your coop twice more to upgrade it to keep 100 chickens and convert your coop in a "Super Coop".
How to Upgrade your FV Chicken Coop to "Super Coop"?
The mechanic for expanding the Coop is the same as previous. Click on the Chicken Coop, and then choose “Expand Storage”:
You’ll see this Storage Expansion page, where you can see all of the storage buildings currently on your farm, as well as access to your stored Inventory and the option to expand that storage (you can also get to this screen by accessing your Storage Cellar/Barn):-
Your Chicken Coop can be expanded in two ways:-
  • The “Expand” button – asks you to make a post about a barn raising. Ten of your neighbors will need to click on the feed post over the next three days to create the expansion.
  • The “Buy” button—instead of the barn raising, you can purchase the next expansion for 10 Farm Cash.

Each expansion increases the number of chickens the coop can hold by 20. If you had previously expanded your coop to sixty before the added expansions, you can now expand two times more, each expansion adding the ability to hold twenty more chickens.
Once you have the ability to store one hundred chickens, your Chicken Coop now becomes the Super Coop. So have you upgraded yours?

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